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coffee bar.

I bought golden letter balloons for my crafty business’ birthday photobooth to spell out FEED THE FISH CO and I’ve been waiting for an occasion to use them again, especially since I could scramble up the letters to spell COFFEE. Enter (or rather exit) my coworker’s two week notice. He loves coffee, we loves coffees, I have a coffee sign. A coffee party was meant to be!

We picked up coffee from Catahoula Coffee; it came with cups, creamer, sugar, and stirrers (they use pasta!). We gathered coffee accoutrement, pastries, and treats from all over — the blueberry coffee cake was from La Farine, yum! I made rosemary simple syrup to share, and I’m getting good use out of my craft show display items since they double as party ware!

Coffee bar essentials:

  • Coffee – lots of cafes do coffee to go boxes and they can also provide hot water for tea
  • Creamer, half & half, assorted milks
  • Sugar, flavored syrups, chocolate drizzle
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg
  • Hot water, assorted teas

  • Pastries, fruits, veggies
  • Cups, plates, napkins, coffee stirrers
  • Any coffee related decor – my coworkers printed a cool coffee tasting wheel, made latte art cut outs, and found inspirational coffee quotes to frame
  • Display dishware (cakestand, plates, boxes) – take the cookies out of the plastic containers; you’re a grown up, afterall 😉

  • Friends!

I can also spell SIFT with my letters. I may need to throw a baking party next…oh yeah! How do you office party? Share your quick tips below.


  1. Lanette C says

    This was such a great office celebration idea! Please do consider a SIFT baking celebration next, sounds like my kinda party!

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