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I’ve been a No Doubt / Gwen Stefani fan since sixth grade (OMG, that was 21 years ago!). I remember listening to Tragic Kingdom everyday! And then in high school, my sister took me to my first No Doubt concert. Back then, I colored my hair hot pink (spray in hair color for the win!) and was fine sitting in the nose bleeds. I had to ZOOM IN for these photos.


Today, I sport my L.A.M.B. crossbody bag (a birthday gift from my college roomie – Hi Maivi!) and I refuse to sit more than fifteen rows away. #aintnobodygottimeforsquinting


My friend Lennie (also self-proclaimed Gwennabe) and I snagged tickets for Gwen’s latest tour. We’ve gone to a few No Doubt and Gwen Stefani concerts over the years and each one has been an awesome dance party. This last show was particularly cute because there were a lot of moms with their now tween and teenaged daughters rocking out to Gwen’s music.


GWEN! I love Gwen’s sound and style, and how she’s consistently creating and being inspired to challenge herself both through music and fashion. She does it all!


We joke that when we’re major old we’ll still go to Gwen concerts and she will still look this good.


Ahhh! And all I wanted to do was dance on stage with her and her dancers!

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