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bestie’s bach in the bay.

Bestie got married last weekend and it was…PURPLE! πŸ™‚ But before we celebrated nuptials, we celebrated Bestie’s Bachelorette in the Bay! The bride’s request: calm fun. Yes, it’s a real thing! She was in town for a conference and it just so happened to be the week of the presidential election so we were all feeling a bit…exhausted. We decided on an evening of tea tasting, painting/glass fusing, and eating! Keepin’ it rated G, y’all!

The tea tasting room at Teance is all the calm. Our tea guide is officially my tea hero. He knew so much about the various teas we chose for our tasting, and he put up with all of our tea inquiries. We tried nine teas, learned to properly steep and taste each one, and we left with some of our favorites. We could have easily spent hours here, but we needed to run off to the next adventure: glass fusing and ceramic painting!

BrushstrokesΒ is my favorite painting studio, and Bestie is super creative so we thought she’d enjoy a visit here. They have lots of ceramic pieces to choose from for painting, but you can also try your hand at glass fusing or creating a mosaic. Lucky for us, they had free studio time that night (because they were exhausted, too) so we decided to create both a glass fused piece and a ceramic piece. πŸ™‚


We finished off the evening with a quick dinner at Rosamunde – hot dogs and fries! Then, we tried on our bridesmaids dresses for the Bride and called it a night. Calm fun bridal bash success!


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