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fish pickles.

My last wish list skill for my summer learning was fish pickling and curing. I know what you are thinking — “That’s totally awesome!!” (See macrame and indigo dyeing, too!)

I had been wanting to take a class at Preserved for a while now and as I perused the class list, pickling and curing fish, stood out to me as a unique craft. Even though I know people have been doing this for centuries this is a completely new to me endeavor. And this time I brought my friend Lennie along for the fishy ride!

Preserved houses all the supplies for all  your preserving needs. I got to class early and spent the entire waiting time just staring at the shelves, imagining all the things I could make.

Our instructor Danny is a fish curing expert, and class was like a live cooking show, complete with food stand ins. Danny reviewed a number of curing and pickling techniques, and we got to feel, smell, and taste the various methods.

My favorite technique might have to be the water-vinegar brine because the dish Danny made reminded me of the Filipino dish paksiw. Mmm, I want to make this.

This workshop was more demo heavy and I took lots of notes (per usual), but we did get to pack our own jar of anchovies to take home and cure!


And we got to feast on this bounty! SOOOO GOOOOD. Home made bagels, mustard sauce, tomato jam/sauce, pickles, creamy spreads, and cured fish of course!


Now I want to make my own red wine vinegar. And mustard sauces. And cheese. And… Until next time, Preserved!

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