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Next up on my Summer Skills List: indigo dyeing. This time I dragged my friend Danielle! 😆

We took class at Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville with Alexa of Euclid and Jayne.


We learned all the basics and had the best time experimenting with different techniques. The class fee included two pillow cases and one tea towel, and we were encouraged to bring some extra small items to dye as well. I brought two infinity scarves and another tea towel to complete the set. (Dharma Trading sells some great items for indigo dyeing!)

You don’t need much to create beautiful designs, but you do need some space for getting messy.

We used pieces of wood, rubber bands, clamps, and a ladle. Yes a ladle!




The final colors were a few shades lighter after I rinsed the excess dye and ran it through the washer and dryer. Check out all the lovelies made by my classmates!

Now I want to indigo dye everything. I see blue sheets, dresses/skirts, and giftables in my future!


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