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craftmaster part four.

Technically it’s still summer so here’s one more summery craft: driftwood sailboats! I was super excited when Modern Mouse invited me back to host their August Sunday Crafternoon. They already had this craft in mind and it was fun to play with materials I don’t usually craft with, and to also craft with a drill!

The stations were set up with how-to guides and tools, and the safety-first crew made sure nobody tripped on cables.

Behold this awesome driftwood selection harvested by Mr. Kuro-Same himself – Matt! He also pre-drilled them for all our crafternooners.


And this awesome fabric collection was provided by Head Mouse Eleen. Loving all the patterns and colors!


Let’s get to crafting!

After an hour or so of cutting, glueing, and hammering, our team of crafters made an amazing fleet!


All together now!

What are you waiting for? Head to the beach and grab some nature supplies. These sailboats are too cute to pass up! 🙂

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