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Weddings call for fancy hair! I had lots and lots of hair for my wedding day so it needed to be tamed in an elegant but fun do. I really wanted a braid and some curls, so I turned to Confessions of a Hairstylist for hairstyle inspiration and a tutorial.

I recruited one of my ladies to play hairdresser and, as her first client, I am confident she can now moonlight as an updo artist! When I asked her to be my hairstylist I’m pretty sure she was shocked because she’s not actually a hairstylist, but she’s artsy and has lovely hair. 🙂 We had one trial run, which was really a super fun lady hang out day, to practice a few techniques.

On the day of I had extra pins and lots of hairspray. The look stayed in place even with all the excitement and jumping pictures.

Photo by Ngoc M. Nguyen

Hubby wants a hair shout out, too, so — Hubby hair: cut and styled by Hubby. 😉


The hair things:

  • Kenra volume spray
  • Kenra thermal styling spray (this stuff smells so good!)
  • Revlon 1″ curling iron
  • Bobby pins!
  • Sparkly hair combs from Sally Beauty Supply

I’m pretty sure I need a hairstylist to come over everyday. It’s like getting a scalp massage, it’s so relaxing, and it’s a bonus to look extra fancy. Who’s with me? 

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