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just married.

A spring wedding calls for extra floral decor!

I purchased cardboard letters from Consumer Crafts and felt from Benzie Design (my fave shop for felt!). I lured friends over with food and we made flowers. So. Many. Flowers.

We cut open the cardboard letters so that the flowers could sit inside the letter and have a bit more of a contained border. Each letter had cardboard inside for structure; we repositioned these so that some of the flowers could have more height. I was more than happy with the result!


We wanted to make these letters for a group photo prop. Here’s a preview from our photographer! The letters didn’t pop out as I was hoping, but I ended up loving how the sign blended into the photo. Also, daaaang, look at this good looking color-coordinated group. 😉

What phrase would you make out of felt floral letters? Share below!

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