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hey crafty lady!

Ooo wee! It’s workshop recap time! A few lady friends and I spent an evening at Iris Willow‘s studio to learn the art of enamel jewelry and it. was. fabulous!


Iris is a super talented artist and she creates enamel and mixed metal jewelry in all the fun shapes and colors. She is new to the teaching game, but we couldn’t tell. Her workshop was super fun and easy to follow. Iris made the whole process novice friendly.

The hardest part was deciding what piece to work on and what color enamel to use – we could pick up to three colors. There were over a dozen shapes and 24 colors to choose from. You do the math – that’s a lot of combinations.

We started by reviewing all of the materials and tools. We got to use some really fun stuff, like a 1200 degree kiln. O_O Iris demoed each step, we sketched out our designs, and we were off to create!

The process: clean, hairspray, add enamel, bake, pickle, clean, hairspray, enamel, bake. Got it? Excellent.

Time for the big reveal!


Our finished products looked so profesh.

And now we are officially on Iris’ student wall of photos!


What have you created recently? Share below!


  1. Awesome post Erin! I love all your photos of your process! Thanks so much for taking my class. You ladies were a blast to have in the studio.

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