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live drawing!

One of my favorite artists Genevieve Santos had a pop-up shop and live drawing session last week. The first time I met Genevieve I totally fangirled; this time, I totally fangirled again, but hopefully I was less creepy. 🙂


Her artwork is totes adorbs! I love all the color, the cute characters, and how much I can relate to the pieces. I mean…boba girl, am I right?

I absolutely love her displays, too. Wooden shelves, vintage boxes, table cloths with sparkles…

She had stickers, prints, cards, and magnets for sale. Even some originals, too. I wanted it all!

We arrived early so we could shop her collection, but we were really there for the live drawing. I had been eagerly waiting for a custom session with Genevieve. The Hubs was excited, too; he brought the GoPro and filmed it!

We asked Genevieve to draw us in our wedding day outfits with a similar pose to the characters in her Celebrate Wedding Card.

Look, it’s us! The details, the colors, the pearly white teeth… 😉 It was crazy fun to watch Genevieve in action. She draws and paints effortlessly.


Oh, and remember how we recorded it? Check it out in super fast forward!


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