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your face.

DIY-er through and through, I decided I would try my hand at doing my own wedding make up. I headed to my favorite make up store and had a wedding look created to match my wedding feel.


Most days I slap on some eye lid primer and black liner with the occasional shimmer eye shadow if I’m feeling fancy. My wedding seemed a good time to take a refresher course on full face make up application. Plus, knowing how to properly apply make up is some sort of life skill I should know by now, right ? #feeling32


I picked a few of my favorite eye shadow shades and described by wedding look to my make up artist Bernadette (who, by the way, also did my birthday make up two years back). A look was born! Bernadette showed me how to apply everything from foundation to ‘face highlights’, and taught me how to troubleshoot mascara smears. She did one side of my face and I did the other and she answered all of my make up questions.

For my look I used seven different brushes, face and eyelid primers, golden tan foundation powder, two duo eye shadows + a shimmer eye shadow, a little sun for highlights, brow color, concealer, mineral veil (not pictured), lip stick + liner + gloss, and a pair of faux lashes (from Target).

Two of the newer products I tried at my make up lesson were the cleansing oil and moisturizer, which I am in love with and have now added to my daily face routine. The rest of this stuff I will definitely save for fancier days.


I practiced the look twice after my lesson (which was just a week before the wedding). I ended up choosing less dramatic eye lashes so they looked a little bit more natural. On the day of I totally goofed – I forgot to include concealer and disregarded the smeared mascara trick. C’est la vie! It worked out though – faux lashes work wonders! Plus, I’ve got new make up techniques up my sleeve and a whole new make up kit to play with.

What’s your make up routine like? Simple, glamorous…? Share below!

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