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tassel party!

The Academy of Handmade Maker Awards Ceremony is just one week away so Danielle and I threw a tassel party! And though we can’t attend in person, we sure did make a lot of tassels to help decorate the celebration — We’ll be there in craft spirit!


We used tassel makers from The Loome and colorful twine from Divine Twine.

And what’s a tassel party without tassel decor, matching colorful name tags and I’m a Maker pins?!

We served treats from Mariposa Baking Co in Berkeley. And look, even our scraps containers were cute.

So many tassels…and so many uses for tassels!

A big thanks to Modern Mouse for hosting us and to my partner in maker event scheming, Danielle! I’d also like to thank the Academy. 😉


  1. Your posts ALWAYS make me smile (and secretly wish I had 1/10 of the talent and creativity you have.)

    Always: “Bravo” to your creations! Happy Birthday month to you! 🙂


    • Yay! Thanks Cheri! And…you do!!! Looking forward to making fun things with you again! I’ll be back at Sticky teaching a paper chandelier class next month! 😀


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