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I’m not a pants person; I live in dresses. Even my pajamas are dresses. But when it’s cold I live in dresses + leggings. True story. So when my friend – the most fabulous Rebecca of OodleBaDoodle – said she was going to teach a leggings class in San Francisco I was all over it!


First, we picked our favorite fabric. I chose a polkadot print with stripes on the opposite side. These galaxy prints though. They might need to be my next project!


We were equipped with a sewing machine, templates, scissors, pins – all the sewing things – plus instructions, demos, and one-on-one time with Rebecca.


I learned to work from a pattern, how to sew knits, and how to add an elastic band!


Pinning the legs…


I didn’t have enough fabric to make full length leggings so I ended up making a looser pajama pant. They are so comfy! Also, I wore them home because, well, I was wearing a short dress…in San Francisco…at night. >o<


Yay for learning new things!


I can’t wait to try making another pair unsupervised. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, share below on what fun projects you’ve been working on. 


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  2. Can it happen again? This looks like my idea of a fun afternoon. How about in the East Bay?

    • Hi Lana! Oh for sure! I just told my friend /the instructor and we’ll plan one for the new year in the East Bay! Stay tuned 🙂

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