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My nail artist Masako is learning how to apply eyelash extensions so she practiced on me. In exchange, we had an impromptu crafting session and I taught her how to make paper flowers. Ding ding ding, round two of paper flowers begins now! (Find round one here!)

After my eyelash application session, we walked around the corner to Blick and picked up some beautiful papers. Warm colors for the petals and stamen; cool colors for the leaves. The petal/stamen paper was soft and a had a great texture for curling and “squishing.” The leaf paper was thick and made for a sturdy base.


After a quick tutorial, we got to making. Masako is super crafty and totally took a liking to this craft.


We had a flower garden in no time! We really liked making the tiny ones. AHH, too cute!


I’m hoping by the time I return to the salon again there will be a whole bounty of these cuties! And, um, weekend nail salon crafting is pretty fantastic!

I think we’re ready for Spring already! Too soon?

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