Month: March 2016

garland challenge part three.

Whoa. March flew right on by. This month was a bit more challenging and I found it hard to keep up with my garland project. I had to double up some days and Feyoncé created a garland to share, too (the cheese!). Here’s a look back at this month’s garlands. How was your March? Crazy busy? Crazy chill? Share below!

bike shoot.

The Feyoncé and I entered a bike photo contest sponsored by Whole Foods Marin and Mike’s Bikes. The challenge was to post your best cycling photo in Marin County. Naturally, we had a photo shoot. It was a great reason to go outdoors and explore on a semi-rainy day. Yay adventures! Feyoncé was the star; I was the photographer/support crew. We drove up to the Mt. Tamalpais area, stopping every now and then for photos. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.   I ended up entering a photo from a previous bike adventure together…and I won!! My caption: He lets me pretend we’re a peloton. Adventures and silliness since 2008. 💕🚴🚴  #fuelmarincycling @mikes_bikes and @wholefoodsmarketmarin – We’re getting married next month! Help us get more bike gear and nutrition for our bike touring honeymoon! 😉😘😎 A huge shout out to Mike’s Bikes and Whole Foods Marin for the feature and prizes! We can’t wait to use our gift cards to get some fun gear and yummy energies for our minimoon bike adventures! Where …

wheel! of! fortune!

Life goal: Appear as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. Because yelling at the TV doesn’t win you a trip to a Prize Puzzle destination. The Wheel Mobile came to town so Feyoncé and I tried our luck at scoring a live audition. Pat was there, as was Vanna; and I brought a sign. Despite my best efforts to cheer my way to get chosen for an audition, contestants were drawn at random, and neither of us were chosen. We had our interview responses ready to go, too! Boo. Contestants were called up five at a time for a speed round. They introduced themselves, solved a puzzle, and the audience cheered them on. Their time from being called up on stage to their exit was their audition. The Wheel Mobile wanted to see enthusiasm! It was fun being in a room full of excited people. And even though we didn’t get called up, Wheel of Fortune liked and reposted my pic on Instagram. #winning I picked up some good pointers from watching the live auditions so I should get to work …

ice cream dates. 

Ice cream date on a chilly afternoon in the Bay Area? Yea, why not! Some lovelies and I ventured to Little Giant in Oakland for an afternoon of sweets. You can try a few flavors before committing, but I always end up with either coffee or dark chocolate (or both!). I had, you guessed it, the coffee ice cream…with chocolate sauce! It sure was photogenic. This lovely had her cranberry sorbet in a cone. Oh, and robots. Fill in the blank. My favorite ice cream shop in the whole wide world is ______.

taco tuesday.

Happy Taco Tuesday! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a really long time. I’m launching a new garland via my craftstyle brand Feed the Fish co. Each order comes with a taco six pack. The shells come in three colors: wheat (above), flour (below/left), and corn (below/right). And you get your choice of fillings: meat, lettuce / guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomato, you pick! This garland reminds me of my San Diego grad school days. Taco Tuesday was serious business back then. Now, I like to get my tacos any day of the week from Tacos El Autlense in Albany. Mmm, tacos. Where’s your favorite place for Taco Tuesday? Share below! And grab your forever tacos here.


I love making frittatas. They are so simple to make and you can pretty much add whatever you find in your fridge. These ingredients are, by far, my favorite combination. Sweet peppers, basil, parsley, tomato,                                                           kalamata olives, onions, and goat cheese. I like to make frittatas when we have company or when we’ll have a busy week ahead – it reheats well! I also love making individual mini frittatas in ramekins, mostly because ramekins are adorable. This recipe makes one eight-inch round frittata or eight mini ramekin frittatas. Preheat your oven to 350F. Dice one medium onion and slice up some sweet peppers. Sauté in olive oil on medium heat until onions are translucent, ~eight minutes. In a bowl, crack eight eggs and beat. Mix in six ounces of crumbled goat cheese, a handful kalamata olives, chopped, and some basil leaves, julienned. Add a dash pepper. Grease your baking vesicle(s) (I used …


My nail artist Masako is learning how to apply eyelash extensions so she practiced on me. In exchange, we had an impromptu crafting session and I taught her how to make paper flowers. Ding ding ding, round two of paper flowers begins now! (Find round one here!) After my eyelash application session, we walked around the corner to Blick and picked up some beautiful papers. Warm colors for the petals and stamen; cool colors for the leaves. The petal/stamen paper was soft and a had a great texture for curling and “squishing.” The leaf paper was thick and made for a sturdy base. After a quick tutorial, we got to making. Masako is super crafty and totally took a liking to this craft. We had a flower garden in no time! We really liked making the tiny ones. AHH, too cute! I’m hoping by the time I return to the salon again there will be a whole bounty of these cuties! And, um, weekend nail salon crafting is pretty fantastic! I think we’re ready for Spring already! …

garland challenge part two.

Month two is complete! I honestly cannot believe I’ve kept up with my garland-a-day project. I was already feeling behind on day four, and now I’ve posted sixty garlands since the start of the year. Here’s a look back at my February garlands. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to follow along on the daily on Instagram. Comment below if you have a garland request, too!