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leap day! 

Happy Leap Day! As a special treat I’ve asked some friends to share how they will be taking a leap this year. I love the ways they’ve all photographed their leap and it was so much fun to hear everyone’s wishes for 2016. Get it!!


I’ll be leaping into 2016 with both feet, excitedly and energetically! There’s nothing like the new year to motivate me. I’m always thinking about ways to improve and fun projects to work on, and 2016 will be the year that things get done! I’ve loved the journey that Lighten Up Shoppe has taken me on (like meeting awesome people like Erin), and I can’t wait to see where it takes me this year!  – Joy

img_7539This year I’m taking a leap into small business ownership! – Pollyanna

img_7966This year is about finishing unfinished business. Turning “thinking, mulling, working on it” into “thinking, mulling, worked on it, and here it is!” It’s time to shove the 12-year-old brain baby out of the house and into the real world, in whatever state it may be—pajamas, bad hair, whatever!—it’s going outside. I at least brushed its teeth. -Hiphung

I’m taking a leap by finishing what I started. -Jay

This year’s all about leaps of faith. I started the year by closing my eyes, saying a prayer, and moving to the bay. I came here to fully commit to a career path that’s far from secure but what I know I want to do. And, while I was jumping headfirst into all this unknown, I decided I might as well do grad school while I’m at it. This year, I’m afraid and doing it all anyway; I’m starting my whole life over. And if I have time, I’m going to finally figure out how the frickin’ BART works… – Kathryn

img_9158img_9159img_9157This year I will take the leap, by letting my creativity guide me to new people and paradises. -Abigail (and her three nieces) 

I aim to take a leap, nay, a hop this year by expanding my jewelry-making skills. I have been making simple, sterling silver rings for a few months and aim to take a formal class or two to step up my design and technique game. Using a small butane torch to solder has proven to be very satisfying (would also work nicely for creme brulee…if I made creme brulee). A “fantasy leap” this year would be to rescue a perfect golden retriever puppy from a shelter and play with him or her all day everyday. Apartment life and rules will not allow this. – Brittany

Our leap will be becoming a family of 4! (Baby Asha arrived just a few weeks ago :)) – Janice, Mo, Mira, and Asha

 This leap year, I’m making a big “leap.” On Christmas day of last year, my significant other of many years finally proposed; and I said yes. Since then, even though it’s only been 2 months, it’s already been a journey of scoping out churches, venues, DJs, photographers, etc. We aren’t officially tying the knot until January 2017, but we’re definitely keeping busy this year preparing for the big day. In between all the wedding planning though, I still look forward to spending time with friends and family. And, I’m really excited for the arrival of a new addition to the family, my brother’s first baby girl, Jayda! -Jasmine

Laura’s pup Pebbles is going to learn to swim! Pebbles doesn’t know it yet. -Laura

Leaping into new adventures and new experiences. Not being afraid to get lost and wonder. -Jaymi

Taking the leap this year by learning more origami- more airplanes, more modular models, more folding time in general. -Angel

As for me, I’m taking a few leaps this year. The big one: I’m getting married! Feyoncé life has been fun, but it’s time to put another ring on it (see what I did there?). The other big one – I’m coloring my hair for the first time. Tips on finding a colorist welcome! It’ll have to wait until after the wedding (in case of major disaster) but I am ecstatic! The not-so-big-but-equally-as-awesome ones are all craft related and include releasing a Feed the Fish co product once a month, hosting craft workshops in new spaces, and teaming up with makers for some collab projects. 2016 has been off to a busy start, but it has been crazy fun.

I’ll be here sharing the journey throughout the year.
How will you leap this year? Give yourself a shout out below. 

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