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love snacks!

Love snack, baby, love snack! Here’s a fun DIY for Valentine’s: golden treat containers.

Materials & tools:

  • containers (I purchased “petri dish”-like plastic containers from Oriental Trading Company)
  • contact paper (I used gold)
  • scissors
  • treats (I chose hazelnuts and chocolate chips)

How to:
Select your container of choice. I like to go with clear containers for edible items so the contents can be seen easily. For contact paper, choose your favorite color/pattern and cut out shapes or letters. I chose hearts for this project.

Ensure your container surface is free of dust. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and adhere to your container.

Fill your golden containers with your treat of choice. Nuts, chocolates, candies, …

You can also fill the containers with different items and stack them. Who wouldn’t want a tower of treats?

Yum! Can’t wait to gift these!


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