Month: February 2016

leap day! 

Happy Leap Day! As a special treat I’ve asked some friends to share how they will be taking a leap this year. I love the ways they’ve all photographed their leap and it was so much fun to hear everyone’s wishes for 2016. Get it!! I’ll be leaping into 2016 with both feet, excitedly and energetically! There’s nothing like the new year to motivate me. I’m always thinking about ways to improve and fun projects to work on, and 2016 will be the year that things get done! I’ve loved the journey that Lighten Up Shoppe has taken me on (like meeting awesome people like Erin), and I can’t wait to see where it takes me this year!  – Joy This year I’m taking a leap into small business ownership! – Pollyanna This year is about finishing unfinished business. Turning “thinking, mulling, working on it” into “thinking, mulling, worked on it, and here it is!” It’s time to shove the 12-year-old brain baby out of the house and into the real world, in whatever state it …

wanna get boba?

BOBA!!!! I’m always down for a boba date. Morning or late evening, rainy or sunny, let’s go! Here is my top five for where to get milk tea in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ten Ren Pacific East Plaza, Richmond This place is a legit tea store so their boba base is perfectly brewed teas. I first got addicted to their avocado ice teazer (pictured); it reminds me of my childhood, spending summer days eating avocado and milk snacks. But my favorite TenRen milk tea is the roasted oolong milk tea. I can drink this on the daily. It’s not too sweet, and has just enough caffeine to provide a workday afternoon pick-me-up without the jitters. I usually don’t get tapioca, but when I do I literally ask for ten balls just to have a little extra sweetness. Mr. Green Bubble Piedmont, Oakland Mr. Green Bubble is just down the street from my favorite bead store, so boba and beads pretty much go hand in hand when I’m in the area. I really enjoy their jasmine and chai milk teas. Another …

tube bracelets.

You know how I sometimes say that I feel like a little kid? Well, this DIY is the ultimate throwback to my 90s childhood and I’m super excited I get to share the crafty love as an instructor at Blue Door Beads. Here’s a look back at a recent birthday party I hosted. Colorful messes were made. Beads, confetti, washi tape, glitter…And these lil ladies made such lovely bangles! Tube bracelet craft party anyone? Book your Blue Door Bead party here.

pizza party.

So…this pizza party happened, per the request of the fabulous Lucia Dill! It. Was. Fabulous. I didn’t realize how much pizza love there was out there. It’s everywhere! Pizza shirts, pizza puns, pizza pillows… And now pizza pennants and clips! Here’s a perfect peek at the pizza prep and party! (P)alliteration! We adorned the walls with paper pizza garlands and had real life edible pizza because what’s a pizza party without pizza! Once fueled, we created! After crafting came pizza family portraits! Take a look at the beautiful slices of pizza art! What’s your favorite topping? Share below! And stay tuned for more food crafting parties!

I’m makin’ pay-puh.

Pay-puh flowers, that is. West Elm + Paper Source = Craft Party! There’s nothing like creating in beautiful spaces, so when West Elm announced a free craft night I was sooooo in. And I convinced a couple of friends to join, too! They had all the paper laid out with templates, instructions, and tools. All we had to do was cut, curl, and glue. And then we had a photoshoot in the store and celebrated over pizza. Of course! How do you ladies night? Share below. 

coworkers who craft together!

This Valentine’s season I invited my co-workers to get crafty; I packed up some supplies and we had a lunch time card-making station in one of our conference rooms. Don’t worry; it was boss approved! 😉 And then I made them all hand model for me. Loving all the cards they made! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s crafting season! I definitely still have hearts on the brain, but what’s new? xoxo

confetti sparkle glitter time.

I’m still swooning over Valentine’s DIYs, but really, who says we can’t craft with pinks and reds all year long? I love using confetti when sending notes to friends; you know, just enough that it adds sparkle and party feelings, but not too much that it creates a mess. It’s a delicate balance. Also, they add a nice touch to photos. In my last post (minty!) you can find confetti all over the place. I found these jars of happiness in the craft section at Target. Yes, Target has a craft section and, I must say, they’ve got a pretty good selection of quality items. I seem to always find something to add to my collection. Pour out some sparkle everyday! Can’t get enough sparkle? How much is too much? Comment below!


One of my favorite chocolate candies growing up was Junior Mints. This was my go-to movie snack back in the day. I don’t eat them that much these days, but when Valentine’s rolls around, I get uber excited about the heart shaped Junior Mints. I always get a pack for myself and a pack for my sister. I mean, they are heart-shaped! You know me and all things hearts. It’s the same chocolate outside and ooey gooey inside, except… Some of them have red filling! Why this excites me, I don’t know, but it does, and every year I look forward to biting into this sweet treat. What’s your favorite Valentine’s candy? Share below.

love handmade. 

I’m busy wrapping up Valentine’s surprises. How about you? Cupcake toppers are a fun way to add a little pop of color to your Valentine’s treats. If you plan to make your own, all you need are wooden sticks, felt, hot glue, and scissors. Here are a couple of ways to add cupcake toppers to your packaging. Washi tape that sucker on. I love washi tape; you could say I hoard the stuff. I mix and match colors and patterns because pretty much anything goes. My inner four year old rejoices! The boxes I’m using here are old stationary boxes. I tore up some tissue paper to hide the treats inside and finished with scrap yarn. You can also insert a topper into a cute can/pail/jar. I found these tins at Target. These are filled with matcha love green tea and treats. Of course you can also use cupcake toppers for, well, cupcakes. 😉

that’s so knit!

Arm knitting! It’s a thing and I learned how to do it. My friend and I took advantage of a free arm knitting class at Michaels last month. I tried regular knitting in the past but always had trouble keeping the yarn on the knitting tools. Using your arms is so much more doable for me, and way more fun. Plus, you can finish a project in thirty minutes or less! Our instructor helped us pick out yarn and then led us in a step by step tutorial. We had infinity scarves in no time! We call this our ewok style. After class we bought more yarn. So. Much. Yarn. And made so many more scarves – perfect for winter gifting! Or opening up your own arm knit wear shop. What new crafty skills do you want to learn this year? Share below!