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There were many a yummy dish to be had in Seattle, but what really stood out was their iced chai with almond milk. I think I have a new addiction now. They have their blends spot on, the almond milk makes the drink a little lighter, and even in the cool weather, the ice is refreshing. But I know you want to see food, so here we go!

Thursday: Korean Bamboo
We arrived into Seattle just in time for dinner. I had tofu soup like no other. It was a little on the sweeter side and it was the first time I was ok with just eating the soup (sans rice). It was spicy and robust in flavors. Also, their potato banchan (gamja jorim) was on point! Get here on time though, when they say they close at nine; they close at nine.

tofu soup.

Friday: Top Pot Doughnuts, The Bean Cafe, Wasabi, plus PB Sammies from home
On Friday we woke up early for a whale watching excursion. We grabbed a quick AM snack – donuts! – and scurried over to our tour departure site. Once we landed in Friday Harbor, we had a heartier breakfast at The Bean Cafe where you get a side of potato chips with your breakfast bagel. Now that’s vacation! After our day long trip we enjoyed dinner just walking distance from our hotel at Wasabi, where the drinks are strong and the sushi comes in vibrant colors. It’s also a nice place for a fancy date night (We were so scrubby looking. Whoops.).

Saturday: Biscuit Bitch, Community Center Cafeteria, Petra’s
Saturday was even tastier and more adventurous. I started my morning with a dirty soy pumpkin chai (talk about caffeine high) and a Smokin’ Hot Bitch –  That is biscuits and gravy with cheese, a Louisiana hot link, and jalapeño. Talk about a fire in my belly. You can bet I was a slow walker that AM. #worthit

That afternoon we reenergized with a taco snack and a tasty tasty Italian soda – with cream! Mmm! At night we met up with some lovely friends and had Mediterranean cuisine at Petra’s. You’re going to want to eat all the things, but I recommend sharing plates; they are huge. Each bite was savory and delightful. And to get the full experience, they provide belly dancing entertainment.

Sunday: Assembly Hall, Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, Cupcake Royae
After Saturday meals we wanted to restore some balance in our tummies. We enjoyed an Assembly Hall breakfast – smoked salmon shmear on a pretzel bagel (my first pretzel bagel!) and a green smoothie. Then, a tofu bowl from Chaco Canyon that I dream about to this day – The Hippie Bowl with housemade garlic tahini drizzled over baked tofu, quinoa, carrots, and sprouts, topped with sesame seeds. The fiancé had a filling bowl of lentil soup. Later that evening we stopped for an ice cream treat.

Monday: Sweet Iron, Piroshky Piroshky, Ivar’s
On our last day in Seattle we enjoyed breakfast at Sweet Iron. I’m not super huge on sweet and savory together, but these delights are making it easy to be a fan. My fiancé and I both had savory toppings — one with prosciutto, crème fraiche & green onions and the other with brie, basil, & bacon. The portions look small, but it was the perfect amount to get our day started. Then it was piroshkies from Piroshky Piroshky. My favorite was the smoked salmon. And because we got to the airport early, clam chowder from Ivar’s.

And that’s a wrap. There were so many places on our list of eats. I guess the rest will have to wait until our next trip to Seattle. Counting down the days…

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