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You can’t spell “creative” without “eat.” It’s true! Feed your brain and your imagination will thank you! Remember when I took a couple of  days off of work to attend a craft workshop? YASSS!!! This post is all about the food I ate whilst a cast member of the Zelma Rose show.

I felt so fabulous. Working at my day job has it’s perks. You know, discounted hotel rates, …hmm, ok, that’s it. Hanging out at fun companies in San Francisco is way more glamorous. With breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided, my insides felt so great, my blood sugar stayed on point, and I felt focused all day.


On the first day I enjoyed a bagel with smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese for breakfast, and tamales with rice, beans, and assorted salsas for lunch.


On the second day of taping I went straight for the bagels. What I should have done was made a beeline for the waffle bar. What?? I know I own a waffle maker, but having it there for you all set up with the batter eagerly waiting to be poured… I totes missed out. I didn’t stay sad for too long; lunch came quickly, and it was Taco Tuesday Indian style.


There was also a champagne toast after we wrapped. It’s safe to say I left with a happy belly on both days. If you’re as/more interested in the crafts I learned you can check out my cross stitch and embroidery posts, too.

Go ahead. Brag about your fancy company below. I’ll try not to get too jealous. 😉

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