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it’s geometric. 

It’s October. It’s October?! Where did the year go? Before we know it it’ll be 2016. Ahhh! Let’s enjoy the rest of the year even if it’s going by way too quickly. There are so many fun days to be excited about, like Halloween. And I’m not talking about the super scary or super sexy Halloween, but the cutesy, let’s decorate pumpkins and make our own costumes type of Halloween. That’s my jam. Halloween color palettes are also my jam, especially this one — black, orange, purple…and neon green and sparkle (in my world sparkle is a color).


I found packs of these paper straws in the dollar section at Target and could not resist. I’m not a big fan of drinking out of paper straws (They get a little mushy and it feels like I’m eating paper, and who eats paper? O_o), but I’m all for crafting with paper straws. I chopped a few up and created some 2D and 3D shapes.

For a basic triangle bunting, cut three pieces for each triangle. They can be the same size or vary in length.


To string you simply place three straw pieces on your cord of choice and finish off the triangle by looping back into the first piece. I used a needle to help guide my cord. Add as many triangles as you wish.


Then I got a little fancy and made pyramids. For this shape I cut six equal-ish lengths of straw. You can experiment with different lengths, too.


Similar to the bunting, I started by making one triangle (the base). Then I strung on two pieces (this forms one triangle side), looped the cord through the base for reinforcement and to make my way to the third “blank” corner to add my last piece of straw. Loop the cord through additional straws as needed until you get a secure shape. If you finish at the top of the pyramid you can tie off a loop for easy hanging.


Lastly, I got super mega fancy (not really…) with a double pyramid. This time I started with a square base. You will need twelve straw pieces: four for the square base, four for the top pyramid, and four for the bottom pyramid.


Use a technique similar to the single pyramid, looping through straw pieces to get a secure fit.


These will be great for hanging on your Halloween tree (wait, you don’t do that?), creating some fun office or door decor, or for use as part of a tablescape.

What other shapes would you make? Share below!

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