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coastal life.

Front yard pool parties, bonfires, and no pants — A typical weekend day in surf city, or perhaps a typical day in general?

I recently visited Huntington Beach for a friend’s wedding. Along with wedding festivities I had to squeeze in some getaway time, too. My fiancé and my first stop: our favorite poke place. Ok, maybe it’s the only poke place we know but we do know our tuna and this place has got the good stuff. Behold, his and hers poke bowls from North Shore Poke Co.

I picked the spiciest sauce on the menu (Kalihi-kine) and paired my poke with avocado and thinly sliced cucumber. He got his with a shoyu based sauce (Pipeline) and added fresh mango. Both are served over steamed white rice. The tuna is tender and melts in your mouth.

Afterwards, we walked along the beach to rest and digest and get some sand between our toes. I love strolling on beaches and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. For a moment, I had no thoughts and no worries. I wasn’t even thinking about crafting! I was just in the moment and completely calm.

Even though this was a quick trip, it was still a memorable one. Share your qu-weekend (that’s “quick weekend”) getaways below.

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