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pocky vs. pocky.

I love me some Pocky. Don’t believe me? Well, here I am with a giant balloon Pocky that I got for free with Pocky purchase. Do you believe me now?


My favorite flavor: PANDA. Well, actually they are cookies & cream flavored with a panda on the box. And while at the market to pick up some Panda Pocky, I discovered the non-Panda-on-the-box cookies & cream Pocky and wondered what the difference could be. I had to do a taste test!


First off, the price was the same. The Panda Pocky is made in Japan; the other made in Thailand. Packaging-wise, Panda Pocky wins. The plastic tears much easier…and there are happy pandas on the wrapper.


And inside, non-Panda Pocky had ten more sticks.


Side by side, you can see that the Thai version (left) is thinner and longer than the Japanese version (right). The Thai Pocky biscuit is lighter in color and the cream has a tan hue. The cookie bits were similarly sized and distributed.


Let’s eat them! The Thai cookies & cream was definitely sweeter, more on the fake white chocolate side (chocolate snob here!). The biscuit was just slightly sweet. The Japanese cookies & cream were crunchier, with a larger biscuit to cream ratio. The biscuit, I hadn’t noticed before, is actually kind of bitter, but balances out nicely with the cream which has a smoother sweetness. Both had the distinct Pocky ‘crunch.’


I think you all can tell which one I (still) prefer. PANDA POCKY!! (The fiancé likes the Thai version more.)


Have you tried the cookies & cream Pocky taste test? Share your favorite Pocky flavors below. Also, I’m still looking for midi chocolate Pocky. If you see it, let me know!

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