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floral backdrop.

So by now you’ve already got something  planned for Mom, right? Wait, what? You don’t? Well, here’s a quick DIY you can put together for Mom’s Day- a floral backdrop. It’s perfect for a Mom’s Day photoshoot! She is a (role) model afterall. 😉


All you need is a dowel, some twine, ribbon, faux (or real!) flowers, and hot glue.


Keep in mind you can use any length ribbon/twine. Here’s what I used for each of my pieces.

  • one dowel
  • three 5-foot strands of twine
  • two 2.5-foot strands of ribbon
  • 14 flowers
  • hot glue

First, hot glue and wrap on some twine. Five loops around the dowel is plenty, but I really liked the green on tan look so I did a few more. Fold the ribbon in half and hot glue the midpoints onto the ends of the dowel. Tie a knot to secure.

wrap it up.

Next, lay out your flowers along the twine. Tie them on tight with a double knot starting from the top. Optional – you can place a dab of hot glue underneath your knots. Continue tying on your flowers. You can make your strands different lengths too.

hi hydrangea.

And that’s it! Tie the ribbons together or keep them separate and use to them to hang your backdrop. Then, takes lots of photos.

Mom's Day Event

And PS – If you’re in the Berkeley area tomorrow, Sunday, May 10 (that’s official Mom’s day!) come craft with me at Berkeley Massage & Acupuncture Studio’s Family Outdoor Lounge – 1533 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA. I’ll be there with my crafty side business from 11a-4p.

Happy Mommy’s Day! 


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