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Impress your friends and family with these fancy note cards!

I always thought that this look was achieved with watercolor paint, and it can be, but I learned another technique with stamp ink and a foam sponge.


Grab some thick cardstock cut to size, scratch paper for making a mess, inks of choice, and a foam sponge – you can also use a make-up sponge.

smudge it.

Load up your foam sponge with ink, then blot and drag, or drag and blot, until you get a gradient to your liking. How easy is that? Allow the ink to dry and then write a sweet note.


Tip: For the above look, fold your paper first, then add ink.

Extra credit:

  • Punch a hole and use as a gift tag.
  • Stamp on a message.
  • Round the corners for a smooth finish.
  • Hang it up and call it art.

Try it out and share your end result on Instagram.
Tag @crafterateur for a feature.


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