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the other ‘w’ word.

SF Etsy put together a meet-up event at Weebly (Am I allowed to say that on WordPress?) headquarters for an informative session on creating a unique website for our crafty businesses. My crafty side hustle is hosted on Weebly so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to learn about new-to-me features and ways to possibly upgrade my site.

weebly hq.

The head of PR pulled out her crafty skillz (with a ‘z’ because she’s hardcore) and decorated the meeting space with the cutest DIYs. Local Weebly customer Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos was even serving up tasty treats.

The evening was super informative and super fun. I met some local crafters and saw some old friends. Oh, and I won the raffle for an Amazon gift card. Sweet! Even sweeter, there was so much dessert we each took home a box of treats.

When I got home I got ready for bed and sat down to update my site. Make sure to swing on over to Feed the Fish co and tell me what you think. The newest features are my online shop and craft party scheduler. Now fans can purchase goods in the comfort of their pajamas. And if you really wanted to, you can schedule a pajama craft party in your pajama-jams, too.  Any crafty suggestions are welcome. Post below.


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