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sweetheart cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought I’d share a quick card DIY for you last minute crafters in the house! Spreading love couldn’t be easier…

send love.

All you need is:

  • decorative card stock for outer layer
  • a light colored card stock for inner layer
  • card stock for heart
  • letter stamps & ink (or markers)
  • string
  • adhesive
  • scissors
  • paper cutter (or ruler & pencil)

My favorite place to purchase double sided scrapbook paper is from Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley. It’s a paper wonderland! And if you are a frequent buyer you end up getting percent off of every purchase. If you’re going for a really last minute card, get creative with whatever you have around the house. Cereal boxes, magazine covers, and old folders are good options. For plain papers (e.g. for the inner card layer and the heart) I shop at Michaels. I’m a fan of their Recollections brand papers. Again, you can replace card stock with what you already have, e.g. printer paper.

inner and outer layers.

Cut your paper to whatever size you want your card to be. My Valentines are 4″ squares so I cut my paper down to 4″x 8″ and folded them in half. For the inner layer I trimmed my paper a little smaller so it fit nicely in the outer layer. Cut some string and tie the two card layers together.

two layers.

For the heart, I used my Silhouette cutter (I cut a lot of hearts out), but you can easily cut heart shapes free hand, or draw them first before cutting. If you cut out a few smaller hearts you can use them as heart confetti for inside the card.

paper hearts.

I stamped my sweethearts using mini alphabet stamps and black ink. I got my stamps from Michaels. If you’re lucky you’ll find some in the dollar bins! If you don’t have alphabet stamps, writing the words with a marker is just as good.


I did a little image search to see what those heart candies look like these days. Apparently, they have phrases like “TEXT ME” on them. I decided on other phrases, but definitely tried to keep them short and cute. Try these:

possible sayings.

Using whatever adhesive you have on hand, attach the heart to the card. I like using foam adhesive so the heart has a little 3D feel. Glue stick and double sided tape work well, too.

go 3D.

And there you have it. Quick cards so you can spend more time with your lovey doveys.


Have a love-filled weekend!

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