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don’t hate, decorate.

My friend visited my cubicle the other day. She said “This doesn’t look like a Feed the Fish co cubicle.” Oops. (Sidenote: Feed the Fish co is my custom crafts company and this was her way of saying it didn’t look like a craft lady sat here. It was a true story.) I was still in the process of scheming up some cubicle decor. This was, after all, my crafty debut among my new coworkers. The imaginary pressure was on! It’s definitely still a work in progress, but here’s Part One of my office space decor: signage and garlands.

First, I made a name plate out of washi tape and puffy letter stickers. After putting it up I found out that I would be receiving an official name plate and would need to take mine down or at least remove it from the holder. Le sigh. Until then though, I’m leaving this one on display. The frame to the left is my designated away message space, i.e. if I leave my cube temporarily I can leave a note saying I’m “out to lunch” or “in a meeting.” And behind the monitor, I’ve hung a yarn pom pom garland in yellow and grey.

For my desk area I wanted to display some inspirational quotes. I didn’t want anything super serious or cheesy, so after a little inspiration from friends and searching online I found these sayings: “Like a boss,” “Love what you do,” and “Get it done, son.”

These prints were super simple to make. All you need is a frame, paper, a marker, a pair of scissors or a paper cutter, and a steady-ish hand.

What kinds of things inspire you in your work (or craft) space? Share motivational quotes or special mementos below. 



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