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all the poms.

So, I made a ton of pompoms and tassels with my yarn stash. (Gotta use the yarn to buy more yarn, am I right?) I was thinking of creating some colorful decor for my office cubicle. I started winding pompom donuts in December of last year and every now and them would trim a few. I finally finished! I love all the fluff! And I’m very pleased with the color combo. I ended up making a garland (or panda scarf?) plus a tassel chandelier. Tahdah! Here’s to working through my yarn stash!

giant pompom.

I had so much yarn (there’s still a lot!) so I made a giant pompom! Materials: All the yarn – scraps work great for this project 2 cake circles – go big! (You can also start with a big piece of cardboard and cut out your circle size of choice.) Rope, 3 feet in length Pencil Scissors (for cutting cardboard and for cutting yarn) Draw and cut a slit and a ~5 inch circle in both cake circles. You can use the hole from the first cake circle as a stencil for the second. Line up the two cake circles and begin wrapping with yarn. Continue to wrap until you can no longer pass yarn through the center. This took me 4+ hours. Cut open the yarn wraps along the cake circle circumference to expose the cake circles. Place the rope in between the two cake circle layers. Tie a tight double knot. Carefully remove the cake circles one at a time. It’s ok if you bend or even rip apart the circles to remove. …