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oh hi.

En route to Craftcation I pit stopped in Ojai for total fangirl moments! This was only my second time ever driving from Northern to Southern California on my own and my first time taking the ‘back freeway’ to Ojai – what an adventure! I almost drove the whole way non-stop, except I saw a vista and stopped for a photo. 🙂

When I finally made it to Ojai, I had three stops on my list (besides gas and a potty break!). First stop: Summer Camp.

This store is so fun! I love that it’s filled with wanderlust goods (gimme all the things) and items made locally, I love the mural out back and the cacti that surround the grounds, and I love that this spot used to be a gas station (it still has the structure). Oh, oh, and I love that Ojai pun “oh hi.” I picked up one of their oh hi sweaters, plus a card and a locally made rope basket. Eee!

My second stop was the Farmer and the Cook for lunch. I had the healthiest nachos ever. Yes, there is kale and broccoli on my nachos. I was warned by the Summer Camp shopkeep that the food service is slow here. Truth. But even though I was going to be pressed for time, I needed to make my last wishlist stop: Cattywampus Crafts!

Just look at that yarn wall! At Cattywampus they carry yarn, fabric, select clothing and home goods. It’s huge, and well-lit, and they have amazing vintage weavings adorning the store. Plus a cute sitting area. I like to buy locally dyed yarn at yarn shops; none here, but you know I found some fun finds anyway!

And that’s a wrap for Ojai. What a cute town! I already have some ideas for my next visit. Have you ever traveled to Ojai? Share some of your favorite finds!

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