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yay friends.

When in New York, you must go shopping in the middle of the night! I was impressed and also confused that so many people were out shopping so late. It must be all the Times Square bright lights keeping us awake.

One of the stores I visited was Line Friends which is kind of like Sanrio. My friend and I didn’t quite understand it, but we knew it was super cute and we needed to go. We had a seen a few people walking around town with their adorable bags, so when we found out it was close by, we immediately put it on our list of places to visit.

When you walk into the store, there is a giant bear named Brown who you can pose with. You know those giant Costco bears; this is way more giant and way more awesome. He was also dressed up for Halloween.

Like Sanrio, there are characters and they come in plush form…

And in all the merchandise you can dream up. Like headbands…

Also, backbacks, phone cases, night lights, notebooks, stickers…so much!

My favorite was Brown dressed as a dinosaur.

Also fun: posing with all of the character statues in the shop!

We spent so much time in the store. We didn’t end up buying anything, even though we wanted everything. We still don’t quite understand the brand, but apparently they have a cafe somewhere, a cartoon of sorts, and they partner with other brands for brand synergy.


Annnnd, good night.

Where else do people go out to shop at midnight? I must know. Share below!


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