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fabric fieldtrip.


So, I’ve been sort of planning a wedding. The only thing I’ve really decided on is a color scheme. I figured a trip to the fabric store for swatches could inspire potential wedding crafts so I spent Saturday  afternoon working my way through a couple of Berkeley’s finest. I was on the hunt for rose golds, blushes, ivories, pops of gold, and black accents.

My first visit was Stone Mountain & Daughter. I’ve been here on many occasions, and every time I visit I wish I was a lot o’ bit better at machine sewing. There are so many beautiful cotton prints, and they even have a great selection of scrap fabric. I often times forget my reason for coming in and get distracted by all the colors, textures (particularly the faux fur), and sample projects.

My second and last stop was Discount Fabrics. So. Much. Fabric. In bulk! I imagine if I was a fashion designer or an upholstery enthusiast, this would be my playground. Again, completely distracted from my main goal, but I came across some other fun fabrics like bulk felt and fabric with ‘built in’ flowers.

Generally what happens when I’m looking for something in particular is that I don’t find it. This is what happened on my fabric fieldtrip, and though I might have left both stores empty handed, I definitely left with more crafty ideas. I’m coming back for that felt for garland making and maybe a yard of some furry fabric to make a throw rug. See? So off track. Not even wedding related.

What would you make with an unlimited fabric stash? Share below.


  1. Sooo much pretty. It’s ok; I’ve been watching a lot of Say Yes to the Dress for dress inspirations and my Pinterest board is full of table scape ideas. My craft committee (:ahem: you) will be plenty busy. 😉


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