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saturday market.

I miss weekly farmers markets at work (they were discontinued), so whenever Hubby and I get a chance, we visit a local farmers market! Most recently we visited the Downtown Berkeley farmers market. I hadn’t been in years. There are ready-made foods, lots of fruit samples, local honey, flowers, and services like table massage. But you know me, I’m there for the PROOO-DUUUCE. Today’s bounty: zebra tomatoes, malunggay (OMG this stuff is so hard to find!), basil, radish, tiny eggplants, pears, and peaches. When I shop I usually don’t have a recipe in mind; with a farmers market like this it’s easy to be inspired. If you ever shop this market, you can also treat yo’self to the bounty of restaurants in the area. We went to Imm Thai for lunch and Asha for treats. You’re bound to run into street festival, too; there’s always something happening around the Downtown Berkeley area. Always looking for farmers market suggestions. Share your favorites below!

good morning, lakeshore.

I love being a local tourist! Here’s a quick Saturday morning guide to the Lakeshore neighborhood in Oakland as explored by me and my crafty friend Angel and her littles! There are a number of food places in the area, but we brunched at Shakewell for some Mediterranean cuisine. They’ve got fun things on their menu like fried chicken and churros, chilaquiles, and shakshuka. Just a short trot south is the Grand Lake Farmers Market, where there is a bounty of fresh produce, prepared foods, music and dance, and knife sharpening services! And what maker friend weekend hangs would be complete without a trip to a shop that carries locally-made items? We visited Bay-Made which is filled with lots of plants, art, and home and body goods. We even spotted some of our maker friends’ goods in the shop. There’s lots more to see and eat in the area; you can discover and enjoy a lot of fun finds in just a couple of hours!

tennis tuesday: districts.

Happy Tennis Tuesday. Last time on Tennis Tuesday, I shared a banner I made for my Hubby’s tennis team. Today I’m recapping our trip to Folsom, CA for the USTA District Championships. Feeling real Tennis Wifey… Districts were held at Broadstone Racquet Club, home to 22 tennis courts. This was my Hubby’s first time at a tennis competition of this level so we didn’t know what to expect. All we knew was the team would be exhausted. They had four matches scheduled in three days – even the pros get a few days off between each match. As a spectator I learned how to properly prep for matches. Plus, I’ve been reading up on tennis etiquette. I’m still not 100% on the scoring, but I’m getting better at it. Luckily, you’re not suppose to cheer loudly in tennis so I can just pretend I know what is happening with slight nods and smiles. Shh, don’t tell anyone. 😏 Here’s my checklist for how to be awesome at tennisings: Sun protection is a must! Folsom is …

cabrillo boulevard.

Lucky me, there’s an Arts and Crafts show every Sunday in Santa Barbara! It’s half art and half craft and all fun. Plus, it was a gorgeous day for a walk down Cabrillo Boulevard. The market is easily walkable, and depending how intrigued you are in the goods for sale, you can probably stroll the whole street in an hour or so. There were paintings, photographic works, … …glass art, wood pieces, … …jewelry and other wearables… Some of my favorite finds included these mini kaleidoscope necklaces. The kaleidoscope charms are functional; I’d never seen kaleidoscopes so tiny until I saw these. My niece scored a turtle necklace (currently her favorite creature). And my nephew got a yo-yo lesson from this fascinating yo-yo guy. Until next time Santa Barbara! Santa Barbara much? Share you favorite SB spots below! 

wheel! of! fortune!

Life goal: Appear as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. Because yelling at the TV doesn’t win you a trip to a Prize Puzzle destination. The Wheel Mobile came to town so Feyoncé and I tried our luck at scoring a live audition. Pat was there, as was Vanna; and I brought a sign. Despite my best efforts to cheer my way to get chosen for an audition, contestants were drawn at random, and neither of us were chosen. We had our interview responses ready to go, too! Boo. Contestants were called up five at a time for a speed round. They introduced themselves, solved a puzzle, and the audience cheered them on. Their time from being called up on stage to their exit was their audition. The Wheel Mobile wanted to see enthusiasm! It was fun being in a room full of excited people. And even though we didn’t get called up, Wheel of Fortune liked and reposted my pic on Instagram. #winning I picked up some good pointers from watching the live auditions so I should get to work …


I love making frittatas. They are so simple to make and you can pretty much add whatever you find in your fridge. These ingredients are, by far, my favorite combination. Sweet peppers, basil, parsley, tomato,                                                           kalamata olives, onions, and goat cheese. I like to make frittatas when we have company or when we’ll have a busy week ahead – it reheats well! I also love making individual mini frittatas in ramekins, mostly because ramekins are adorable. This recipe makes one eight-inch round frittata or eight mini ramekin frittatas. Preheat your oven to 350F. Dice one medium onion and slice up some sweet peppers. Sauté in olive oil on medium heat until onions are translucent, ~eight minutes. In a bowl, crack eight eggs and beat. Mix in six ounces of crumbled goat cheese, a handful kalamata olives, chopped, and some basil leaves, julienned. Add a dash pepper. Grease your baking vesicle(s) (I used …