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a weaving rainbow.

My friend Vilasinee of the Loome came out with a few new maker tools, including a rainbow loom! Ka-yoot. I was very excited to try it out. For this craft you will need: Rainbow Loome tool Non stretchy cord Assorted yarn Felt Fabric or hot glue Fabric scissors Crafting needle The complete details can be found in V’s super helpful how-to video using the larger of the two rainbow looms, but in general: Use the non stretchy cord to set up your loom (this is called the warp). Weave a rainbow using a basic/tabby stitch (this is the weft). V recommends starting your weave at the top of the rainbow; I agree. This helps with achieving a more defined arch shape. Once you fill in the open arch shape, remove the rainbow from the loom. Untie the knots made in the warp, then remove the warp from the notches, one at a time. Alternate pulling the loose warp cord to secure the weft. I started from the middle and worked outward. Sew loose weft and …


Hooray, huzzah! I’m so excited that my weaving workshop has been picking up. The Fall/Winter is the perfect time for this cozy craft! I absolutely love teaching this workshop. Also, I really, really love creating yarn rainbow displays! Here are a few snaps from my last two classes – @ Craft + Work In my workshop I review all the tools (we use my brand loom and tools!) and materials needed to create a tapestry weaving, how to prep a loom, variations on the tabby/basic stitch and rya/tassels, and how to finish a weaving. Everyone leaves with a finished (or nearly finished!) piece. @ Mischief It’s always fun to see what everyone creates with just two weaving stitches and a rainbow of colors! Are you a be-weaver? Share below!

summer weavings.

I’ve been trying to weave more, but like watercolor, it’s something I find challenging to do at home because home priorities and other craft distractions. So I’m trying this thing where I bring crafts on the go. Plus I’ve got this super cute bag from Rennie that I’ve deemed my weaving project bag. I’ve been going to many tennis events this summer (yay Hubby!), so I’ve been bringing my weavings on the road and all of these weavings are named after the tennis match. Last Regular Season Match. The last regular season match was held at Alameda City College. It was so cold and windy (#bayareasummer) so I had my blanket (also woven!) and my weaving in hand. This is a nice place to watch tennis because they actually have spectator seating not blocked by a fence. I use this as a sample for my Weaving Basics class because it demonstrates all the things I teach in the workshop: tabby stitch, rya (tassels), interlocking weave, and tips for adding texture. This piece measures 5.25 inches …

special projects.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about special projects. So, here we go! Flower crown. First up, a custom flower crown in peaches and pinks. My panda makes a good model. Golden Gate bridges. Shweet Shtuf asked me to cut felt Golden Gate bridges for Karl the Fog plushies. So many bridges! These are available for purchase and are made to order. Pennants. I got a pennant request for a bouquet of graduation pennants – one design for the middle school graduation year and the other for their future high school graduation year. Super fun! Plus a custom pennant request for a Georgetown College alum. Go tigers! And my friend who works for the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Branch at the California Department of Public Health requested this custom #syphilisishard pennant for her coworker. I was given artist’s choice for colors so I made it super colorful. Paper signage. Here’s a paper sign I whipped up for an office baby shower. I practiced my calligraphy cutting. Wall hangings. Here’s another colorful project – a …

weave party.

I threw a little weaving party at West Elm. I taught a Weaving Basics workshop and had a few of my weavings for sale. Plus snacks! We demoed the Anton solid wood dining table plus bench and the Ellis dining chair. Every time someone considered buying the table I said it was good crafting table. 🙂 I set up my yarn rainbow. And some treats. My friends Connie and Laura were my students today. With special guest – Pebbles (she demoed the Trinket Pouf ;)). West Elm paparazzi took some candid and not so candid photos of us. Finished weavings! Thank you to Laura and Connie for spending the crafternoon weaving with me! I hope to host more of these!


Crafty announcement today! I’m launching my line of weaving looms! We’ll call it a soft launch since they are currently only available to my workshop students (find me at Mischief on March 24!). I collaborated with my friend Laura to create a Crafterateur brand loom. Version 1.0 was dreamt up last year. Now we’ve (hehe, weave) finalized the shape, features, and colors! And now it’s here! Dare I call this a craftera-tool? (Yup!) The starter pack comes with the loom, a long needle, and a comb. The booster pack comes with two short needles, a shed stick, and a shuttle. I also have hanging sticks, and each piece is Crafterateur branded and approved. All looms and tools come in peach, pink, and jade, and the looms can be used in either portrait or landscape for varied weaving sizes. What do you think? Who wants one? 🙂


These weaving weirlos. An unbeweavable weaving brunch party with my ladies! We had snacks for creative energies – a bagel bar, a cheese plate, and a French toast bake, plus mimosas! And we had yarn play time! Yarn in all the colors…because I’m a hoarder, er, yarn enthusiast. Custom made looms and tools, and these awesome Get it Girl keychains laser beamed by my friend Laura. I loved sharing some creative time with my ladies. Beauties made by beauties! 😉 I imagine this will be the first in a series of skill shares. A little birdie whispered that amigurumi is next! Can’t wait! How do you craft time with your peoples? Share your fun creative tales below.