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you make heart skip a (sweet pickled) beet.

You guys. The Valentine puns. ūüėė¬†Here’s a love day gift idea and activity: a sweet pickled beets kit! Preserved is amazing and they make it less scary to get into pickling and preserving via classes, the bounty of supplies in their shop, and these fun kits! The sweet pickled beets kit came with a recipe, a pickling jar, and a container of Preserved /¬†Oaktown Spice Shop Sweet Pickling Spice. Oh my gosh, the spice mix smells so good! The process was simple. Boil the beets, peel and cut them. Fill the jar with beets and optional onions. Boil the pickling spice with apple cider vinegar, water, salt, and sugar, then pour into the jar. Seal and wait. The recipe recommends you wait at least one week before tasting your beets. Hubby and I ended up waiting three weeks (we both got sick and couldn’t taste anything for a bit…). Worth the wait, y’all! These were so easy to make and we’ve got the ingredients to make these again a few more times. The taste: sweet! …

put a heart on it!

Hearts for all! I found these super cute crocheted pouches at a craft swap. I snagged a bunch¬†and I had been using them as goody bag pouches for my crafty workshops. With the remaining ones I’m adding a heart and calling it a Valentine’s craft! So easy; so cute! I cut up some hearts out of felt, then hot glued them onto the pouches. AHH, can’t wait to gift these with some sweet treats inside. What are you crafting up for Valentine’s this year? Share below.¬†

hey hotcakes. 

Mini pancake breakfast time! Last week I got to spend some QT with my sis, bro-in-law, niece, and nephews. And since it was the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we thought we would treat ourselves and have sweets for breakfast! We made a¬†Martha¬†pancake recipe, with blueberry and chocolate renditions. We tripled the recipe. We probably had enough pancakes to feed 8-10 for breakfast; we fed seven, and had plenty leftover for snacking on later in the day. Adult tip to keeping pancakes warm while cooking the rest of your batch: keep them in the oven at 200F. (I feel so grown up!) While we were cooking up pancakes, my nephew and niece personalized each place setting with a handwritten place card and custom chocolate chip or blueberry plate art. We laid out all the toppings: blueberries, bananas, strawberries, almonds, chocolate chips, granola (current fave: Love Crunch with dark chocolate and coconut slivers), syrup, and whipped cream. We had bevvies of choice: guava juice, apple juice, coffee, and tea. Dig in! My niece ‘won’ the pancake challenge …


Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, I decided to keep the tradition alive and host¬†Hearts and Crafts 2017 at work. Thanks to Studio DIY for the inspiration, my co-workers got to craft in style. Conversation heart pi√Īatas for all! These make the cutest Valentine’s decor; and they’re perfect for gifting! Materials and tools: paper mache heart boxes, crepe paper streamers, glue stick, scissors, alphabet stickers. Optional materials and tools: awl, darning needle, ribbon/string. Step one: Cut hella fringe Glue one side at a time from the bottom up. Start by glueing a piece of non-fringed crepe paper to the bottom of heart box lid. Overlap with fringe until you reach the top. Trim excess crepe paper. Repeat for the sides of the lid and the back of the base. For the sides of the base, wrap with non-fringed crepe paper. Add alphabet stickers with your phrase of choice. Optional: Poke a hole at the top of the heart with the awl. Use the needle to string the ribbon through the hole. Tie a knot. All the …

that cupid hit me. mmm mmm.

Love is in the air and Valentine’s crafting is in full swing. Here’s a simple DIY that you can use as a Valentine’s greeting or party decor. Materials & tools: Wooden dowel / pencil / stick Colorful paper Decorative tape Adhesive (glue tape recommended) Scissors Step 1:¬†Cut out two hearts (or two triangles) for the arrowhead and two tail shapes.¬†These can be any size, but note each heart pair and each tail pair should be the same size. Step 2: Glue the arrowhead and tail to the dowel. Attach the corresponding arrowhead and tail so that the dowel is sandwiched. Step 3: Cut the tail fringe. Step 4: Add decorative tape. Add as much or as little as you wish! Step 5: Spread the love. Cupid’s got nothin’ on these arrows!  

balloon animal parade.

I’ve been a sick poop these last few days, but I learned a new skill whilst sipping tea and breathing in humidifier vapors. Ahhh… BALLOON ANIMALS! I found the Balloon Animal kit from the Oh Happy Day party shop. It comes with lots of balloons, a pump, animal ideas and how-tos, plus sticker eyes. I ended up making a giraffe, lion (my fave!), wiener dog, and fish. I’m now thinking I need to give these as Valentine’s greetings. Wouldn’t the lion be so cute with a tag that said “You’re a cool friend. I’m not LION. Happy Valentine’s Day.”? ūüėČ Being sick is super lame, but this definitely cheered me up for a little bit. What are some of your sick day activities of choice? Share below!


One of my favorite chocolate candies growing up was Junior Mints. This was my go-to movie snack back in the day. I don’t eat them that much these days, but when Valentine’s rolls around, I get uber excited about the heart shaped Junior Mints. I always get a pack for myself and a pack for my sister. I mean, they are heart-shaped! You know me and all things hearts. It’s the same chocolate outside and ooey gooey inside, except… Some of them have¬†red filling! Why this excites me, I don’t know, but it does, and every year I look forward to biting into this sweet treat. What’s your favorite Valentine’s candy? Share below.

love handmade. 

I’m busy wrapping up Valentine’s surprises. How about you? Cupcake toppers are a fun way to add a little pop of color to your Valentine’s treats. If you plan to make your own, all you need are wooden sticks, felt, hot glue, and scissors. Here are a couple of ways to add cupcake toppers to your packaging. Washi tape that sucker on. I love washi tape; you could say I hoard the stuff. I mix and match colors and patterns because pretty much anything goes. My inner four year old rejoices! The boxes I’m using here are old stationary boxes. I tore up some tissue paper to hide the treats inside and finished with scrap yarn. You can also insert a topper into a cute can/pail/jar. I found these tins at Target. These are filled with¬†matcha love green tea and treats. Of course you can also use cupcake toppers for, well, cupcakes. ūüėČ

love snacks!

Love snack, baby, love snack! Here’s a fun DIY for Valentine’s: golden treat¬†containers. Materials & tools: containers (I purchased “petri dish”-like¬†plastic containers from Oriental Trading Company) contact paper (I used gold) scissors treats (I chose¬†hazelnuts and chocolate chips) How to: Select your container of choice. I like to go with clear containers for edible items so the contents can be seen easily. For contact paper,¬†choose your favorite color/pattern and cut out shapes or letters. I chose hearts for this project. Ensure your container surface is free of dust. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and adhere to your container. Fill your golden containers¬†with your treat of choice.¬†Nuts, chocolates, candies, … You can also fill¬†the containers with different items and stack them.¬†Who wouldn’t want a tower of treats? Yum! Can’t wait to gift these!

love notes. 

For all you lovelies looking for Valentine’s greetings for your gal-pals, besties, and favorite hottie, I’ve got you covered! I designed a trio of cards for Valentine’s this year: Hey Lady Friend, My Foodie Valentine, and Spicy Pepper Hot. My Foodie Valentine is currently in the running for a Darby Smart design contest through Sunday, February 7. Vote it to the top!¬†And click below for some¬†for free printables! Love Notes Heart Paper