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I’ve only recently started to be brave enough to go places. It helps, too, that I am on maternity leave and can do more weekday adventuring. (Weekend adventuring is too crowded.) Here are some outdoor spots in the East Bay that make great social distancing adventures for when you need to get out of the house. Alameda Beach, Alameda / Grab a spot on the sand and feel like you’re on your own private beach. Visitors are really good at keeping a good distance away from each other. Castro Park, El Cerrito / They’ve let the grass dry out so it’s not super lush, but there is a lot of space to spread out and have a socially distanced picnic under your tree of choice. Shimada Friendship Park, Richmond / A lovely spot for watching sunset. There are lots of people exercising along the water and it’s bit more crowded here in the late afternoon; beware of non-mask wearers. Lucretia W. Edwards Shoreline Park, Richmond / This one is a small park, but really lovely. …

minimoon adventures: eagle falls hike. 

The Hubs and I love exploring the outdoors and Lake Tahoe was the perfect place to wander natures. One of our adventures: Eagle Falls! There’s a short loop and a long trail that leads you to desolation wilderness. We stuck with the short loop. In the off season, there is plenty of parking. There’s also no parking fee! We hiked to the Vista shortly after sunrise and the views were breathtaking. What a serene place to relax, meditate, and clear your mind while getting some fresh air in your lungs. Ahhh… Where do you like to unwind? Share below! 


The outdoors! We finally had a weekend off and planned a little hike in Oakland. We adventured to Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. I’m not sure what I was expecting to see but when I heard we could hike on/near an old volcano I was convinced it was going to be awesome. The fog had taken over for most of the morning but as soon as we started on the trail the sun began to peak through. We didn’t have an exact path in mind; instead, we wandered around, deciding on forks in the road as we came across them. This is supposedly part of the old volcano wall (unless we read the map wrong). What do you see? A spade? A heart? It’s nice to get away from buildings and responsibility to recharge, even for a short while. I love breathing in the fresh air and admiring all the greenery. I wonder what this place looked like before the drought; maybe it was even more lush? I can’t wait for my next nature hike. There …