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Since I’ve been back to work full time I’ve found myself working long hours most days. So I’m doing my best to carve out some days where I can take a break. I’ve been averaging one day off every two months. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I’ve spent my days off with my little family visiting somewhere new together. So far, we’ve gone to the beach in Pacifica, strolled a Petaluma neighborhood, and went sunflower field hunting in Dixon – featured here! We even made a music video. There are so many sunflower fields in the area. Take your pick! Just note, the ones we spotted were all on private land so we stayed on the outskirts of the property, was careful not to damage any of the plants, and of course did not take any blooms. It was such a treat to catch a glimpse in real life. What do you like to do on your days off? Share below!

ice cream social.

Ice Cream Social was the sweetest event! My friend Tally Sue of Shweet Shtuf and I popped up shop at Mischief in Oakland for an afternoon of ice cream treats and craftiness. We set up shop in the Mischief backyard which they had just fixed up. And we decorated with honeycombs, ice cream balloons, and a giant soft serve lamp. Special treat: The Laurel District Association sponsored the snacks. We had ice cream sandwiches and fruity popsicles. Yum! My set up! I had a whole line of ice cream themed pennants and wall hangings for sale, plus surprICE CREAM pints (versus my usual ‘surprise boxes’) in actual pint containers and felt succulents in cups and cones! It was Tally Sue’s very first pop-up so it was super exciting to share the moment with her. Her stuff is the cutest. Tally Sue sells her plushies wholesale in a few shops, but Mischief is the only California store. (Exclusive!) She also makes avocados, clouds, tooth fairy pillows, donuts and so much more. For the pop-up she made …

this is how we fiesta.

Everyone loves a taco party! Dinner al fresco lives on in my God-sister’s backyard to celebrate her birthday! We set the table with legit plates, napkin rings (cause we fancy), and desserts…lots of desserts. For our centerpieces we put together tiny vases of chamomile flowers, faux candles, and mini piñatas filled with more sweet treats. For our taco bar we picked up meat from Mi Tierra in Berkeley, and grilled up some vegetables. We had homemade salsas, guacamole, and aguas frescas, and all the taco fixin’s. And it wouldn’t be a fiesta without some honeycombs and photoprops. Group selfie with giant taco! Happy Birthday, my sister from another mister! How do you backyard bash? Share your party secrets below.

craftmaster part four.

Technically it’s still summer so here’s one more summery craft: driftwood sailboats! I was super excited when Modern Mouse invited me back to host their August Sunday Crafternoon. They already had this craft in mind and it was fun to play with materials I don’t usually craft with, and to also craft with a drill! The stations were set up with how-to guides and tools, and the safety-first crew made sure nobody tripped on cables. Behold this awesome driftwood selection harvested by Mr. Kuro-Same himself – Matt! He also pre-drilled them for all our crafternooners. And this awesome fabric collection was provided by Head Mouse Eleen. Loving all the patterns and colors! Let’s get to crafting! After an hour or so of cutting, glueing, and hammering, our team of crafters made an amazing fleet! All together now! What are you waiting for? Head to the beach and grab some nature supplies. These sailboats are too cute to pass up! 🙂

olympic crowns.

I found a bouquet of leaves at Trader Joes and I had to buy them. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make at the time, but it had craft written all over it. I knew we were going slacklining in a few days and I was totally feeling the Olympic spirit so I decided to make “olive leaf” crowns for everyone. Materials and tools: Stems of leaves, flexible/soft stems are best Floral wire Floral tape Wire cutters Pliers Scissors How to: Overlap stems and wrap along the stem with pieces of wire. Use the pliers to position the wire ends so that they are hidden / they don’t poke you. Keep adding stems and wire wrapping until you make a circle of leaves. You can add additional stems/leaves for a fuller crown. Wrap floral tape on top of the wire to secure and cover the wire. Add a little more floral tape to the pokey areas. Tahdah! Crowns for all! The view from up top. I’m a newbie to slacklining (just my third time), …

coastal life.

Front yard pool parties, bonfires, and no pants — A typical weekend day in surf city, or perhaps a typical day in general? I recently visited Huntington Beach for a friend’s wedding. Along with wedding festivities I had to squeeze in some getaway time, too. My fiancé and my first stop: our favorite poke place. Ok, maybe it’s the only poke place we know but we do know our tuna and this place has got the good stuff. Behold, his and hers poke bowls from North Shore Poke Co. I picked the spiciest sauce on the menu (Kalihi-kine) and paired my poke with avocado and thinly sliced cucumber. He got his with a shoyu based sauce (Pipeline) and added fresh mango. Both are served over steamed white rice. The tuna is tender and melts in your mouth. Afterwards, we walked along the beach to rest and digest and get some sand between our toes. I love strolling on beaches and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. For a moment, I had no …