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grown-up underwear.

Don’t worry; this post is rated G. I’m talking about half slips! Never did I ever think I would own one, but since I own a sheer dress, a half slip was a requirement. So off I went to purchase one, a little shy, because, well, my grandma used to wear these! But guess what – it turns out I’m a big fan of half slips, especially in this beige-pink shade. It’s silky and smooth, and super comfortable. It actually adds a layer of warmth. Best of all, no more see-through dress. I’m keepin’ it classy. And now a clip from my favorite Filipina YouTube star, Christine Gambito aka HappySlip, on Panties. Are half slips a must-have or a no-way? Share your feelings below!

first day of work.

Today was my first day at my new job! I was nervous and excited, as expected, and couldn’t sleep last night, but it turned out to be a very relaxed, easy-peasy day, filled with trainings and readings, having lunch with my new team, and ID picture adventures. Yup, it was also picture day, so I decided to maybe look nice. This outfit of the day was brought to you by Target (sunglasses, cardigan, and bag), random beach shop in Huntington Beach (zig zag top), Banana Republic (skirt – my gift to myself when I got the job offer!), and Nordstrom Rack (flats). I also accessorized with, as my Mom would call it, my ‘inheritance’ (sapphire necklace) and a handmade wrap bracelet. You’ll  be glad to know that I brushed AND flat ironed my hair, too. So how did my ID turn out? As expected, a little gross. C’est la vie! And now some tips for your first day: Wear layers – it could be chilly, it could be warm in your new office Prepare snackage and/or …