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Paper goods and plant babies??? Dream store! On a recent work trip I found myself in Orange County so I scouted out some fun places to go frolicking. On my list for this visit: M.Lovewell. I strolled in fresh from the airport, luggage in tow. All the paper things. All the writing things. All the plants. I’ll take one of everything! I spotted some pins from my friend Angel of Design and Happiness. M. Lovewell has a workshop space in the back, too. Lots of calligraphy, macrame, and other pretty crafting happens there. I found a notebook for travel journaling, plus a few pens (of course!). In the area? You gots to visit!

paper marbling.

On my last trip home I visited Makers Mess with bestie for a crafty happy hour. We learned a new thing: paper marbling! With shaving cream! First we had a quick tutorial… And then we were all addicted! We each made a whole set of stationery. The craftermath was dramatic! At the end I mixed up my remaining shaving cream and created a pink ‘funfetti’ design. Tutorial time! Materials Shaving cream (any kind; we used Barbasol) Liquid dye (any kind; we used Rit fabric dye) Eye droppers BBQ sticks Trays (big enough to fit your paper) Ruler/spatula (I recommend metal because it’s easy to clean off the dye.) Assorted paper, cards, envelopes Cups/bowls for mixing dyes Table covers (it’s gonna get messy!) Art cloth or paper towel Instructions Fill tray with a layer of shaving cream. Smooth out shaving cream with a spatula or ruler (basically anything with a straight edge). Drop in liquid dye. You can also use food coloring (as long as it’s in liquid form). Swirl around the dye with a BBQ …