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everybody gets a pennant.

I was invited to lead a community group social at Square HQ! Everyone got to decorate a pennant with their community group name and extra goodies like gems and tassels. I precut all the letters and mini Square logos, and matched them up with a coordinating pennant. At the event, I laid out the pennants and envelopes with phrases on a welcome table. It made it feel like a fancy dinner party with name cards. I set up each table with all the things to get crafty – hot glue, gems, felt, yarn, scissors, tassel makers, fabric markers, and safety pins. Everything they needed to create their pennant was in the envelope, but if they were feeling extra, they could create tassels, cut out felt (some made mini flowers!), color their pennants, decorate the back, anything! All the fun creations and all the fun people! Yay! Thank you to Kelly of Square for inviting me and organizing the event, and to all the community group reps for getting crafty with me!


May has been a busy craft month for me with events every weekend. I cannot complain – I’ve been having all the fun! This month I was also invited to vend at Square HQ for their Asian American Pacific Islander heritage month celebration. They set us up with grand 8-foot standing tables and a Square register. I use a Square reader for my craft biz, but OMG the registers are so cool, and they made sales so easy and fast. (Not an ad.) My before and after. We were a small group – Purely Drinks and Voca Coffee were also there. Plus, the Square team made limited edition shirts. Hot items this time around: Boss Lady and Cat Lady wall hangings and YAAAS pennants. It was so fun to pop-up shop and to share my handmade wares with the Square community. Thank you to Victoria and Kelly of Square for organizing this celebration and for inviting me to be a part of it all!