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gouda day to you.

My last work trip to Palm Springs was a quick one, but I did manage to squeeze in one touristy visit disguised as a lunch run – a local market! The staff at On the Mark are super welcoming, and they kept offering me samples of yummy things. Also, they didn’t think it was weird that I was taking photos (or they were good at hiding the fact that they thought it was weird 😂). They have a deli filled with all kinds of meats and cheeses. I ended up ordering a veggie sandwich (because fig jam!) with a side potato salad (both delicious and I would come back for more!). As I waited for my lunch I perused. They carry a wide variety of wines, chocolates, sauces, crackers, jams, all the things. A lot of stuff is imported from around the world, as well as from around the US. But you know me, I love looking for some locally made goodies so off I went flipping every package to see where it was made. …


The last shop in my Highland Park shop tour: Shorthand, a stationary lover’s dream! Oh ma gaw, this place is so fun! Stuff is organized by color! A section of pinks, blues, mints, mustards… They have journals with plain, lined, and graph paper; writing accoutrements; desk accessories; … and I saw a sign that said “Ask us about our left-handed notebooks” so I did, and then I bought a couple. 🙂 The shop also carries cards, art prints, paper, and ribbons…perfect things for gift giving! And they make a lot of the goods in-store in the back! (Party in the back!) I appreciate quality made paper goods, and if you do, too, you’ll love it here! I’m so glad I got to visit Shorthand on this trip! Check my Topo and Wild Terra recaps, too, for more Highland Park shopping.

shop feature: oh hello friend. 

I love me some shopping time, especially when it’s at a cute little shop. On a recent visit to SoCal I stopped at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton to get my dose of oh-my-gosh-I-want-everything-but-I-will-just-look feels! From housewares to party goods, clothing to stationary, Oh Hello Friend could potential provide me with hours of entertainment. And as a maker, I was inspired by all of the display items. They also have a space for workshops which is decked out with lovely decor. There wasn’t a workshop on the day of my visit, but they had some leftover flowers from an event and I got make and take a mini floral bouquet. I left with some fun cards (I love making cards, but I love buying them, too! And PS, they have a frequent buyer card stamp program.), my mini bouquet from the floral bar, and loads of inspiration and feel goods. I will definitely find my way back here again one day. Where do you like to shop small? Share below!