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paper marbling.

On my last trip home I visited Makers Mess with bestie for a crafty happy hour. We learned a new thing: paper marbling! With shaving cream! First we had a quick tutorial… And then we were all addicted! We each made a whole set of stationery. The craftermath was dramatic! At the end I mixed up my remaining shaving cream and created a pink ‘funfetti’ design. Tutorial time! Materials Shaving cream (any kind; we used Barbasol) Liquid dye (any kind; we used Rit fabric dye) Eye droppers BBQ sticks Trays (big enough to fit your paper) Ruler/spatula (I recommend metal because it’s easy to clean off the dye.) Assorted paper, cards, envelopes Cups/bowls for mixing dyes Table covers (it’s gonna get messy!) Art cloth or paper towel Instructions Fill tray with a layer of shaving cream. Smooth out shaving cream with a spatula or ruler (basically anything with a straight edge). Drop in liquid dye. You can also use food coloring (as long as it’s in liquid form). Swirl around the dye with a BBQ …

shop feature: la county store.

A work trip to LA means I get to sneak in some local shopping. Behold: a visit to LA County Store in Silverlake. I love that this store exists and that it’s devoted to featuring Los Angeles County creatives. They even have map on the wall showcasing where all of the goods in the shop are made. The first thing that caught my eye was a corgi butt pillow and these tea cups by¬†Emily Hillburg of Queen for Dinner. There are pillows, wall hangings, kitchen ware, stationary, and so much more.   I love all the local love and neighborhood pride displayed in shop.   Favorite LA neighborhood to wander, go!