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shops of DC.

DC adventures continue with shopping! Union Kitchen My favorite souvenir shopping happens at local markets. I love finding the “made in [insert place of vacay here] items.” Union Kitchen is a boutique market that carries lots of locally produced goodies, most of which unfortunately I could not bring home this time around (luggage constraints) but look! Stuffed bagel holes! Pickled jalapeños! National Museum of Women in the Arts We didn’t have time to visit National Museum of Women in the Arts, but we did have time to visit the museum shop! I think it gave us major FOMO though. A collection of women empowerment, women made, and inspo… Salt & Sundry Salt & Sundry is a cute gift shop in the Logan neighborhood. Soft light, home goods, jewelry…. It was less easy to find the made in DC items (or maybe there just wasn’t a lot of them), but I did score some made in DC chocolate bars! Little Leaf Little Leaf is a sister store of Salt & Sundry. It. Is. So. Lush. The …

shopping culture.

The shopping culture in Japan is like whoa. Gifting and packaging play a key role. Shops often provide additional bags and tissues for gift giving. And if you’re lucky, your items will be wrapped with pretty paper and you won’t want to open them because the wrapping will be too lovely to mess up. Everywhere you go – a shopping plaza! Train stations had stories of shopping, too. In Toyko, the Ginza shopping district has big brand shops. It also has Itoya, an eight-story categorized shopping experience. It was on my must-see list. A floor for planners, a floor with cards, a floor dedicated to craft and one for fine papers… I visited an origami shop. Calligraphy and paper stores were also popular – I loved stumbling across these shops; the workers were always so friendly and curious where I was visiting from. My favorite crafty shop find: Wrapple Wrapping & DIY Cafe, a small boutique DIY bar and cafe with co-working space filled with washi and paper and decor items. We also visited the …

good goods.

Small batch artisan goods?! I’m on it! My friend brought me to the Epicurian Trader because she thought I’d appreciate it. Beautifully packaged goods all sorted nicely…dreamy. She knows me so well! This is a great place for finding a special gift (the stuff is basically already gift wrapped!). Chocolates, spirits, wines, cheese, baked goods, snacks, hot sauces! They had it all. Who is the curator? I must meet them. Also, I want a whiskey wall. Market hop much? Share your fave boutique markets below!

yay friends.

When in New York, you must go shopping in the middle of the night! I was impressed and also confused that so many people were out shopping so late. It must be all the Times Square bright lights keeping us awake. One of the stores I visited was Line Friends which is kind of like Sanrio. My friend and I didn’t quite understand it, but we knew it was super cute and we needed to go. We had a seen a few people walking around town with their adorable bags, so when we found out it was close by, we immediately put it on our list of places to visit. When you walk into the store, there is a giant bear named Brown who you can pose with. You know those giant Costco bears; this is way more giant and way more awesome. He was also dressed up for Halloween. Like Sanrio, there are characters and they come in plush form… And in all the merchandise you can dream up. Like headbands… Also, backbacks, phone cases, …

backyard boutique.

My friend invited me to Archangel Boutique, a shopping event to benefit Child Advocates of Silicon Valley. The boutique raised funds to support local foster children and aimed to spread awareness of the need for more volunteer mentors. This was a shopping event with heart. The event was held in someone’s backyard! What a fun venue. I arrived with just ten minutes to shop but it was plenty of time to make some purchases. Here’s a quick look around: This holiday season, let us be thoughtful about our purchases and let us give back to our communities.

shop feature: station one farmhouse. 

A lovely shop tucked away in Point Richmond, Station One Farmhouse boasts an array of repurposed and handmade items. On my visit, shop gal Christine was busy painting furniture to be sold in store. They finish a lot of the pieces in shop – talk about locally made! They’ve got soaps, candles, housewares, and decor items. Hubs and I picked up a jar of Jack Rabbit Farms’ roasted tomatoes and bell peppers. Yum! You’ll find a lot of unique finds at Station One. I’m excited to visit again to see new furniture and painting projects! Where have you shopped local lately? Share below!

my comic con.

I attended my first Scrapbook Expo earlier this month and it was pretty awesome. After my favorite scrapbook store shut it’s doors my paper stash has been looking pretty sad. I have yet to find another paper supplier for the everyday so when I heard the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo was coming to town I marked my calendar right away. There were a variety of vendors selling all the scrapbook and stamping supplies. Some of my favorite paper companies — Echo Park and Authentique — were there, plus vendors who sold more of my favorite papers. I was in good company for sure. There were also lots of demos and make and take stations. I discovered and admired new-to-me techniques and crafts. We impressed ourselves with this easy make and take! It was like magic. There were also on-going workshops and a large open crafting space deemed the “Olympics.” Check out my stash! Best deal of the day: 54 sheets of 12×12 paper for $15! Plus, my friend Joy scored big with washi tape! Me thinks the …