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animal ears!

As part of the Make Art Family Day programming, the Museum of Craft and Design invited me to lead the animal ear headband craft inspired by the current exhibit: Judy Kensley McKie’s Cast of Characters. Charlotte at the Museum gathered all these great supplies to use, including this fascinating glitter fabric paper that (get this!) doesn’t flake off or make a mess! We had headbands in all the colors, plus sparkly gems and furry poms. It was fun to see people get creative with the supplies set out. Some made headbands inspired by real animals; some created their own creatures. We got your polar bear, your ram, mythical leaf creatures… Headbands inspired by starfish, bunnies, deer, lion cubs… Yay, crafternoon! Also, headbands and headdresses need to be a thing people wear on the regular. They are so fun!

west coast craft.

Going to a craft show when you’re not vending is so relaxing! You get to shop and chat without having to run back to your booth, and take your sweet, sweet time. Last weekend I got to do just that at West Coast Craft with with my friend Joy. We visited with some maker friends and met new-to-me makers. Featured above: Zena Segre / Corrin Ceramics / Cute Circle Bag Lady / Case for Making Featured below: CA Makes / Baggu / Zelma Rose In true maker status, I brought pennants and crowns. 🙂 I made the Lit pennant for my friend because she makes soy candles, but then it also paired well with her big purchase of the day. I also waved around an I Luh You pennant. Our flower crowns were a hit – people kept asking if we bought them at the show. Perhaps I’ll need to apply to be a vendor next time…but I just wanna shop! 🙂 There was a free custom tee making station with my friend Sam of …

nearcation’s all I ever wanted.

For our second wedding anniversary, Hubs and I planned an almost 24-hour nearcation adventure across the Bay in San Francisco. Since we thoroughly enjoyed last year’s SF nearcation, and there is so much to see, do, and eat in the City, we decided to do it again. Plus, we lazy and didn’t want to drive or fly far away. 😉 This time, we stayed at Hotel Nikko. I love the art in the rooms and throughout the hotel, and the squishy beds, and the touch pad on the nightstand that welcomes you by name. They have the most amazing line of bath products, too; the custom scent is bamboo lavender, but to me it has notes of chai spices which I love. Also, I’m into the separate stand up shower and bath options. Note to self for future home. The hotel sits between Union Square and the Tenderloin. I made sure we stopped to see some of the mural art nearby. A lot of the ones I wanted to spot were either painted over or …


I’m a big fan of sunrise adventures. They are glorious! Behold, our sunrise adventure to Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands. We started our adventure walking through a tunnel and entering what seemed like a scene out of Lord of the Rings… It was super foggy and we didn’t expect to see much… So I took to taking photos of the plants. It was already bright on Hawk Hill… But then nature pulled through and we saw the most amazing sunrise, beginning with a peachy/orange glow. Pictures, of course, don’t do this sunrise justice. Which is probably why my camera battery decided to die midway through my photo taking so I could simply enjoy the view. 😉 Above: the tunnel we came out of + the trail we walked to see the views. Below: early morning wefie filled with excitement because coolest sunrise ever! West Coast, where are your favorite spots to see sunrise? Share, share, share!

good goods.

Small batch artisan goods?! I’m on it! My friend brought me to the Epicurian Trader because she thought I’d appreciate it. Beautifully packaged goods all sorted nicely…dreamy. She knows me so well! This is a great place for finding a special gift (the stuff is basically already gift wrapped!). Chocolates, spirits, wines, cheese, baked goods, snacks, hot sauces! They had it all. Who is the curator? I must meet them. Also, I want a whiskey wall. Market hop much? Share your fave boutique markets below!

case for making.

I learned how to make my own watercolors! Talk about taking my crafty skills to the next level. When I discovered Pinta PH I became interested in learning about making watercolors by hand. Then, I discovered Case for Making – and handmade watercolors is what they are all about! I quickly signed up for one of their watercolor making workshops. When I arrived to class these beautiful pigments were all lined up on the workshop table. AHH, I couldn’t wait to get started. Our instructor (and shop owner) Alexis shared her watercolor making wisdom and demoed one of the colors – fluorescent magenta! The watercolor base is a propriety mix of distilled water, gum arabic, and honey. You gradually add the base to the pigment and mix and smash until you get the right consistency. For the fluorescent pigments we also used a few drops of rubbing alcohol to get the pigment to mix well with the base. We each got to make two colors for the entire class. Each pigment behaves differently so it was …

minamoto kitchoan.

Kawaii sweets! Minamoto Kitchoan carries Japanese specialty treats with unique flavors and impressive packaging (and super realistic fake food displays!). I stumbled upon this cute shop a few years back and love stopping in whenever I’m in the area. They have lots of jellies, red bean treats, mochi, and cream-filled sweets. I enjoy the pancake treats most, but it’s fun to try different things. They always have special holiday treats. On this visit: Year of the Dog red bean jellies. Each item is ready for gifting; you can purchase individual treats or gift sets. If you’re a regular, they’ve got a rewards program, too. For every $100 spent you get $10 off your next purchase. If this is any indication of what treat shops are like in Japan, I’m in big trouble when I eventually get to visit. Everything is perfectly portioned and wrapped. Can’t wait to have another occasion/reason to return and try more delights. I particularly have my eye on these rainbow waffles. Ohh la la… Do you have a favorite super kawaii sweet treat …