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pom pom crown.

Happy New Year! To celebrate I made a pom pom crown in Pantone’s color of the year: living coral. Ooh la la! You can make one, too! Materials & Tools: Yarn, lots! Pom Pom tool Pom Pom trim guide, optional Scissors Container for scraps Embroidery floss, 3 feet per pom pom Craft needle Floral wire For the base, I used use two pieces of 18 gauge cloth-covered floral wire, shaped and twisted to fit where I wanted my crown to sit on my head. I used a Loome tool to create my pom poms. You can use other tools or even a piece of cardboard, too. I wrapped each pom pom for at least 160 revolutions; the largest pom poms were about 300 revolutions. Tie each with a 24-inch strand of embroidery floss. I tie a thumb knot (a “single knot”), flip the pom over and tie a modified thumb knot – this time looping the thread over twice before tightening, then tie a double knot to secure. You’ll know if your pom pom is tied tightly …

pom pom and tasselry.

For my last crafty event of the year I teamed up with my crafty friends of the Loome and Mischief to host a pom pom and tassel craft night compete with holiday cocktails. There was yarn everywhere and it was fantastic! Vilasinee of the Loome shared all her pom pom and tassel wisdom. All the pom poms and tassels! We also had mini pop-ups and a gift wrap decorating station. Aww, take me back to craft night! It was so fun I continued the pom pom and tassel merriment with my fambam over my Christmas break. Behold, pom pom and tassel mastery at Christmas Craft Camp! My Mommy got super fancy with braided straps. We also added beads, brass, and wooden rings. Who’s ready for more pom-tass in the New Year? Me!!!

carrot egg.

This year’s Easter eggs are disguising themselves as carrots! Materials + tools: Orange yarn Green yarn Plastic eggs Hot glue Fork Scissors Step 1: Wrap egg with orange yarn. Work with the egg open. This helps with holding the egg and also ensures you won’t glue the egg shut. Begin by glueing the end of the yarn to the top of the egg. This will be the bottom of your carrot. Glue and wrap a coil then work your way up the egg. Once you get to the top half, continue to glue and wrap the yarn. Snip the excess yarn. Take your time with this process and glue little by little. Step 2: Create mini tassels or pom poms. Forks are great for creating mini tassels and pom poms. For the tassel, wrap the green yarn around the fork 5-10 times. Insert a 6-inch piece of yarn between the first and second tines and tie tightly. Remove yarn from the fork, cut the loops on the longer end and trim as needed. For a …