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My East Bay Yelp Elite crew held their first virtual event: a pizza making demo with Homage, another gem in Martinez, California (remember States, too?!). The day before the event we picked up pizza kits in person in the restaurant with option to either go inside the restaurant or have your pizza walked to your car. I wanted to go inside so I could see the restaurant and take photos, duh (#yelpelitestatus). It’s airy and bright in the restaurant, there’s a small pantry/market shelf, and it smelled so good inside. Mmm, I couldn’t wait for our pizza demo! We chose the pepperoni pizza kit. It came with enough ingredients for four personal pies. The dough and sauce are made in house with their sourdough starter and San Marzano tomatoes, respectively. The pepperoni is sourced from a local Richmond meat spot. The kit even comes with chocolate chip cookie dough! Also, we all got some new Yelp goodies: a tote, mug, and ahh, coveted hand sanitizer. On event night, owners Rachel and Erik hosted from their …

pizza party.

So…this pizza party happened, per the request of the fabulous Lucia Dill! It. Was. Fabulous. I didn’t realize how much pizza love there was out there. It’s everywhere! Pizza shirts, pizza puns, pizza pillows… And now pizza pennants and clips! Here’s a perfect peek at the pizza prep and party! (P)alliteration! We adorned the walls with paper pizza garlands and had real life edible pizza because what’s a pizza party without pizza! Once fueled, we created! After crafting came pizza family portraits! Take a look at the beautiful slices of pizza art! What’s your favorite topping? Share below! And stay tuned for more food crafting parties!