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pineapple eggs.

Here’s another Easter egg decor idea. You can use a similar concept as my cactus eggs to create pineapple eggs. Materials: Plastic eggs in shades of yellow (you can also spray paint your eggs) Permanent marker in brown or gold Felt in shades of green Hot glue Scissors How to: Create pineapple crowns with felt. Start with a rectangular piece of felt, ~2” tall by 4” long. A longer piece will result in more leaves. Cut out triangles from one side to form a zig zag pattern. Roll and glue to seal. Hot glue pineapple crowns to the tops of eggs. If you don’t like the positioning of the crown, allow the glue to cool completely, pull off the crown, reposition and re-glue. Draw ‘v’ shapes with marker to resemble a pineapple pattern. Allow to dry. Separate the crown leaves for more volume. Then fill with sweet treats and gift. Hurry, name the best pineapple you’ve ever had! Mine is Maui Gold ‘imported’ from Hawaii! Juuiiiicy…. There’s one more Easter egg post comin’ soon!


My friend asked me to make some party decor for a flamingo and pineapple themed bachelorette party. So craft I did! Paper pineapples, hot pink bunting, and felt leaf confetti. And…and…and…mini pineapple piñatas! A big thank you to Oh Happy Day for the inspiration! Here’s my rendition… Materials & tools:  mini paper cups yellow crepe streamers confetti yellow cardstock ribbon green felt glue stick hot glue scissors tiny hole punch Glue strips of crepe streamers to the bottom and sides of the cup. The streamers don’t need to lay flat on the cup (they can be slightly wrinkled); just make sure they stay put. Cut fringe into strips of crepe streamers. Glue on one piece of fringe to the cup starting at the open end. Add the second layer slightly overlapping the first. Continue adding layers until you reach the bottom of the cup. Fill your mini piñatas with confetti of choice. I created my own mix with tissue paper confetti, die cut flowers & leaves, paper scraps, and of course, sparkly hearts. Cut circles to fit over the …