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the 52. 

This year for my crafty biz challenge my goal was to create 52 giant pennants (one for each week of the year) with different phrases in as many fonts as I could cut. The 52 (in alphabetical order): These were so fun to make, especially since I could include a lot more letters than my normal sized pennants. My favorites are the ones with more calligraphy-looking fonts, “merci beaucoup” being my absolute favorite. Some of these pennants are available for purchase at select shops in the Bay Area; some ended up in surprise packs. I haven’t decided on a 2018 challenge yet, but here’s to new crafty adventures in 2018! Happy Almost New Year!


Baseball season is in full swing (Hehe, swing. See what I did there?) and Bedford Gallery asked me to make some pennants to sell at their merchandise counter during the showing of their exhibit Safe at Home: A Short Survey of Baseball Art. The exhibit, which runs through June 12, features artists from both near and far, and baseball memorabilia. As a featured vendor I got to attend the opening reception amongst the artists. Another fun treat! There were baseball snacks, too — peanuts, cookies, pretzels & mustard, and hot dogs! And the crowd was bustling, filling the whole gallery. As we were heading out after the event, it was super exciting to see someone walking out with a few pennants in hand! Are you rooting for your home team? Share below!