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pastry picnic.

Park hangs idea! Pick up pastries. Invite friends. Have a pastry picnic. To make things simple we kept it local with pastries from the farmer’s market, then a stroll to a nearby park. Friends can join for either or both parts ~ the picking out and the consuming of yum yums! I set up with a 6-foot folding table, tablecloth, heart plates (from Target, of course), and brought cuttings boards and a knife so we could each try a piece of all the pastries. Oh, and alcohol-based hand rub because hand hygiene is the cornerstone of public health. Your pastry picnic pack list*: The outside is calling. Are you ready for a pastry picnic? *This is an affiliate link. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases made via linked items at no additional cost to you.

tennis party.

Hubby’s birthday was last week and since he’s a low key kind of guy, I am now an expert in low key birthdays. I love planning and decorating even if it’ll just be the two of us celebrating. This year I went with a tennis theme. Hubby turned 34, so I told him the theme was “34-love” – a play on the weird tennis scoring that I still do not understand. (Who came up with it?!) Decor included green paper garlands, fans, ornaments, and heart balloons, plus a low key sign… 🙂 I got small lime green plates to represent tennis balls and reddish-orange plates to represent clay courts. For food I made tennis pasta! Take a closer look – the pasta is tennis racquet shaped. And I called in some help from Trader Joe’s – pumpkin and butternut squash pasta sauce and meatballs for the win. I added lots of basil, too. So creamy. I also made celery soup because Novak Djokovic drinks celery juice and Hubby is into it. But the stars of …

disney glam.

I went to a Mickey Mouse themed baby shower and it was all the cute. Sharing all the Disney magic…er, crafty magic! As soon as we walked in the sea of red, black, and gold decorations caught your eye. The tables were covered in red tablecloths, place settings set with black plates and gold-ware. The centerpieces were Mickey heads made of red and black roses, and bedazzled table signs. Gold Mickey heads adorned each chair (I made the template 🙃) and Mickey head confetti adorned the tables. Handpainted letters by the mom-to-be spelled out the baby’s name and served as the foreground for the ‘parent table.’ The background: a glam-loveseat, perfect for photo-taking. The food was a mix of catered and homemade goodies, and included cream-filled churros (reminded me of Disneyland)! And the creme de la creme: a dessert table filled with gum balls, chocolate-dipped pretzels, Mickey rice treats, assorted candies…I ate so many sweets that day. Kudos to the party planning and decorating committee aka baby’s paternal grandma, cousins, and aunties! 🙂 Super profesh!

ice cream pawty.

Happy First Day of Summer! Here’s a fun idea for a summer day, or any day really – an ice cream pawty! My friend Laura threw an ice cream pawty for her pup Pebbles! Laura set up human snacks plus puppy ice cream and toppings. How cute are these emoji labels for the puppy toppings? Per crafty friend protocol, I helped with some of the decor set up. We strung up garlands, and scattered ice cream and Pebbles head photo props around the pawty. I also helped with making signs. OoOoo, and check out this suspended centerpiece she put together, too – honeycombs for the win! Ice cream time! The human ice cream was catered by Tucker’s in Alameda. We all got two scoops plus all the toppings we wanted! The humans had fun, and I think the pups did, too! Happy birthday, Pebbles! Let’s recap the last pawty, too.

craft emergency.

I was given a craft store gift card for my birthday and it came in a tin box which I thought would make a cute craft emergency kit. You know, for those times when I feel like I should be carrying a glue gun in my purse…this happens more than you think. So let’s make one! My tin box is about 5″ x 3 1/4″ x 3/4″. You can also use an Altoids tin or other sturdy box, just as long as all your desired supplies fit. Here are my essentials for a crafty-mergency kit. Writing instrument of choice I found mini glittery gel pens at the local Japanese knick-knack store. Adhesive of choice I chose glue dots which are super strong and great for all types of materials. Regular tape is also a good idea, especially since glue dots are more permanent. Paper You can fill your kit with assorted paper colors, textures, and sizes, but I chose a mini notebook with lined paper. It’s simple & versatile! Mini scissors Mini scissors are not my ideal …