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coffee bar.

I bought golden letter balloons for my crafty business’ birthday photobooth to spell out FEED THE FISH CO and I’ve been waiting for an occasion to use them again, especially since I could scramble up the letters to spell COFFEE. Enter (or rather exit) my coworker’s two week notice. He loves coffee, we loves coffees, I have a coffee sign. A coffee party was meant to be! We picked up coffee from Catahoula Coffee; it came with cups, creamer, sugar, and stirrers (they use pasta!). We gathered coffee accoutrement, pastries, and treats from all over — the blueberry coffee cake was from La Farine, yum! I made rosemary simple syrup to share, and I’m getting good use out of my craft show display items since they double as party ware! Coffee bar essentials: Coffee – lots of cafes do coffee to go boxes and they can also provide hot water for tea Creamer, half & half, assorted milks Sugar, flavored syrups, chocolate drizzle Cinnamon, nutmeg Hot water, assorted teas Pastries, fruits, veggies Cups, plates, napkins, …

shop feature: pippa & co.

This is what craft heaven looks like. You walk into the store and you think you’ve crashed the most epically cute party ever. :::Trumpet noise::: Pippa & co! The store is filled with color and sparkle. Everywhere you look there’s something that makes you go “I should throw a party so I can buy this.” I could easily spend a few hours looking at each item in the shop and imagining all the fun events I could decorate. They’ve the best collection of honeycomb decor I’ve seen. And if you love pastels and shimmer, they’ve got all the things for you. The balloon bar is pretty exciting, too. Regular sized balloons, giant round balloons, balloon phrases…Pippa & co has you covered. More pretties for your parties: Bonus, they’ve got a sweet staff to match! I can’t wait to visit again! 🙂

bagels and barongs.

The day after our wedding we hosted a brunch at our place. The biggest thank yous to my Ladies for helping me pull off brunch the day after our wedding! Decor Talk about reuse and maximizing resources. We decorated with things we already had. We had plenty of flower arrangements to both give away to guests and to decorate brunch. Bestie calligraphy-ed a chalkboard for guests to draw and write messages. The golden Erin + Jay garland was from my office bridal shower, and we’re totally taking it out for all anniversaries. The tissue paper accordion garland pictured above I had been saving for a special occasion. After wedding brunch seemed special enough! I also had our Instax camera (the one I bought with contest winnings) out so people could snap some pictures. Food The spread had all the goodies. I like to say brunch was sponsored by Whole Foods because I used my prize monies from a photo contest. On wedding day, I went shopping with Husband and Bestie in our wedding best. Forrealsies. I went in my gown! I wish I had a picture …

purple puppy pawty. 

Pebbles turned three so Puppy Mama Laura threw a party and I got to be the garlandier (that’s “maker of garlands” in “French” 😉 ). There was a purple theme! Laura made the birthday and tassel garlands; I made some scallop, polkadot, and doggy bone garlands. It was so fun to hang garlands everywhere! What does one eat at a puppy pawty, you ask? Hot dogs and pupcakes, of course! Rosamunde catered and provided all the fixins plus sides. We were also celebrating one year since Laura adopted Pebbles from the Berkeley Humane Society, so in lieu of gifts, Laura set up a donation fund. Here’s Pebbles all pooped from the pawty and all the love and attention. Fur Mommies & Daddies – how do you celebrate your fur babies? Share below!

garland challenge part four.

April was was crazy busy. Work trips (bleh!), birthmonth (yay!), wedmonth (yay-er!), visitors (wee!), taxes (eep!)…. I got way behind in the garland game. And May may have been just as crazy. But I made it! All 61 garlands are here for your viewing pleasure! My favorite: hair buns! I rock these on the daily. What’s your favorite? Share below. And follow my garland challenge on Instagram with #ftfgarland366.

garland challenge part three.

Whoa. March flew right on by. This month was a bit more challenging and I found it hard to keep up with my garland project. I had to double up some days and Feyoncé created a garland to share, too (the cheese!). Here’s a look back at this month’s garlands. How was your March? Crazy busy? Crazy chill? Share below!


Shopping for a wedding dress is an interesting activity. Lucky for me, my first dress experience was at BHLDN in Beverly Hills with my stylist, Jessica. She’s way too cool and made the appointment run smoothly, kept me focused on deciding what I like, and gave great suggestions on how to best accessorize (or not accessorize). I felt totally comfortable and have decided I love being dressed. Can someone help me put my clothes on and tie my ribbons everyday? Thanks. I can’t show you any photos of me in dresses for obvious reasons, but here are some other pretty (and silly!) things I saw. Who gets to curate this shop? And, how do I get in on that? I could spend all day in this store. Anyone else inspired to decorate your home or throw a fancy party after perusing these goods? Share your fabulousness below.